Best Password Manager apps for Android
This is the digital era and whatever we do in our day to day life has been entirely digitalised. It goes without saying that passwords play a significant role in your digital life. Managing your passwords is a tough task. If you have an easy password, you run the risk of making your account insecure.… (0 comment)

Top Five Texting apps for Android
Texting remains to be one of the popular and reliable modes of communication. We have a plethora of instant messenger apps vying for the attention of the customers. Even then, we still love the SMS messengers or the texting apps as they are called, given the ease of use and familiarity that it offers you.… (0 comment)

Best video editing apps for iPhone
We all love videos. Because videos speak more than the words. But, watching a video you just recorded on your brand new iPhone may not be kind of interesting with its aesthetics. Maybe it needs some makeup, some hairdo or some tweaking. 5 Best video editing Apps for iPhone If you are planning to post… (0 comment)

Top Video calling apps for Android
With the advent of 3G, came the concept of video calling. Considered to be in nascent development just a couple of years ago, video calling has now assumed a huge importance. Best Video Calling Apps For Android A chat app without the video calling feature can be something you may not be happy with. We… (1 comment)