Aptoide Apk For iPhone, iPad and Other iOS-Based Devices

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Aptoide For iPhone – Today I am going to share an awesome app called aptoide with you which is very famous and widely known as Google Play store alternative, and most of the youth liked it very much because of many reasons, which we discuss with you in this article and mind you guys, you will be thankful to me when you complete this article and installed aptoide apk in your smartphone and enjoying this app.

Aptoide apk download

So why aptoide called as an alternate of Google Play Store even Google properties always designed for top-end use for users so how aptoide app beat this giant in this big smartphone and app industry. Play Store has tons of free and paid apps and as a daily user of apps, we all want to use paid apps for free of cost because in this world very fewer people want to buy apps or songs for their smartphone.

But paid apps are not available in GPL (Google Play Store), and if you want to use paid apps on your smartphone for free then the question raised here is HOW? So, we have an answer for your question.

Introduction of Aptoide APK:

Aptoide apk is a third-party app store, and Aptoidewas started in Portugal in 2011. Currently, they provide tons of apps for Android-based smartphones and Android TVs, who uses smartphones and smart TVs. Their headquarters is in Lisbon, Portugal as well as they have some offices in Singapore as well.

Aptoide app is a third party app store which provides you authorized and paid apps for free of cost, YES you heard it right, you can download most of the paid apps for free of cost without paying a single hidden penny. Personally, I am a huge fan of this app because before paying anyone I want to try that app for free, so if someone is the same user like me they also love this app for sure. And at the same time, there are plenty of users who always want all apps for free; they don’t want to pay anyone for apps then they also love this third party app store.

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The app store is with a very neat and simple UI (User Interface) which will help users to use the app store with more frequency. This app comes with tons of apps and games for free. Aptoide developers team send daily updates in the app store so you will never leave behind.

Aptoide Download For iOS And iPad

Well folks, now you read about aptoide, then now we are going to share everything about the aptoide download for iOS and all so let’s have a look. Aptoide apk also comes with those apps which are not available in Google Play Store, so that is another reason to download this awesome app store on your smartphone. But this app has a downside for all iOS-based users that it is not available for iPhones or iPads for now, but soon they provide you. But as you land on my article, and I don’t want to make sad my audience, So I am going to share one more app here which is specially designed for iPhone users.

The app store for iPhone user which I strongly recommend is called Cydia. It is also called aptoide alternative. Cydia is a great alternate in front of Aptoide app store. It is same as aptoide because it also provides paid iOS apps for free of cost. But as we all know that if something is best in 80% things, then 20% things are not good for users.

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I hate one thing in Cydia is that if you want to download and install Cydia then, you need to use jailbreak iPhone or iPad. Jailbreaking is not a big task for any iPhone user. it is an easy process which can be done by any user. Just one thing to remember while jailbreaking is that this process will void your iPhone warranty but if your iPhone is complete the warranty period and you can do whatever you want with your phone then you can try this app store without any fear because it is as safe as aptoid apk.

Download Aptoide Apk – Click Here


So, Folks, I shared with you everything about aptoide and also share iPhone users app store called Cydia. If you still have any query or feedback for this article then put your valuable words in the comment section below.

Aptoide Apk
Aptoide Apk is one of the famous app which is known as the alternative of Google Play store. Its worth a try, known for its awesome features & simple interface.
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