Cell phone monitoring app from Hoverwatch
Today’s world is surrounded by several gadgets. almost everyone around has a smartphone. Keeping track of your smartphone when it is not in your person is not an easy task. If you are a responsible parent, you will definitely look forward to a means of being in the know of what your kids are doing… (0 comment)

Top Five Clock Widgets Apps for Android
A Clock is what we normally glance at umpteen times a day. In this smartphone era, it is the smartphone that we glance at for the information. We are aware that all mobile devices come with their own clock app. However, as power users, we always yearn for more better features. There are plenty of… (0 comment)

Top five best tower defence games
Tower Defence games have always seen a conflicting popularity since the beginning. However, of late, we have been able to see a resurgence in the activity. Tower Defence games have been a commonly played genre of games across all platforms including iOS and Android. Almost all platforms have been witnessing the growth of best tower… (0 comment)

Top Five Flashlight apps for Android Smartphones
The flashlight is one of the essential apps that one needs to have on a mobile phone. Google has begun providing the feature embedded within the operating system of late. Even the device manufacturers have been including the flashlight in the skins they use on their devices. However, some of us may want to install… (1 comment)

Best Password Manager apps for Android
This is the digital era and whatever we do in our day to day life has been entirely digitalised. It goes without saying that passwords play a significant role in your digital life. Managing your passwords is a tough task. If you have an easy password, you run the risk of making your account insecure.… (0 comment)