best free online radio apps for linux users
Music is what soothes you. If you are one of those who love listening to music all the time, online radio is what you need.  In the current world dominated by digitalisation, there is no dearth of apps for listening to music. There are many online radio applications available for Linux. The current article focusses… (0 comment)

best free ftp clients for linux
As part of your regular internet usage, you may need to transfer a huge amount of data. There are services that help you in transferring the files. Dropbox and similar other cloud services are doing a great job in that direction. However, if the data is too huge, these services tend to be a little… (2 comments)

Best Linux data recovery tools
If you are a laptop or PC user, taking care of your data should be the most important task on your mind. Safeguarding the data is what is the most needed precautionary measure. Your hard drive may crash any time for any reason. Will it not be horrible just to think about all your valuable… (2 comments)