Best  Employee Scheduling Software
The difference between normal people and successful people is that they utilize their time effectively. Everyone has got the same 24 hours in a day to use but what makes it different is the productivity at which they work. In a successful industry or company, all the employees are made to follow up a certain… (1 comment)

SmartPhone Buying Guide
This 2000+ words guide on how to buy the right Smartphone for  you need. we gonna see what are all the aspects we need to know before buying a smartphone. We call it as Smartphone Buying Guide. You might have encountered friends and colleagues asking you the same question most of the time, and you… (0 comment)

Prisma App Apk released for Android
The super cool Prisma App has been news for more than a month after its release in IOS. Prisma is a photo editing tool that turns the picture into an artistic painting using various filters which will utilize AI ( Artificial Intelligence ) and Neural network in tandem. Prisma App is the creation of  Alexey Moiseenkov,… (2 comments)