10 Essential Office Tech Products to Keep You Productive at Your 9-5

The tech world is a fast-evolving space where gadgets become smarter and smarter every day. It’s these new technologies that are capable of completely transforming the landscape of your productivity levels. Adding cutting-edge digital tools to your workspace equation is a surefire recipe for heightened productivity and optimized efficiency. Cover all of your bases with these 10 office tech products that keep your days dynamic.

Ergonomic wireless mouse

Your PC mouse is probably the last thing you think about when it comes to upgrading your office space. An ergonomic mouse keeps your wrist at a continually comfortable position. So if you’re doing plenty of clicking and tracking throughout your eight-hour day, a mouse designed with you in mind will be a breath of fresh air.

Ultra-thin laptop

Clunky laptops are a thing of the past. Ultra-thin laptops are primed and perfected for supreme portability and are among the smartest devices you can buy. The best UltraBooks offer impressive specs, gorgeous display quality, and peak performance processing. All are key elements for workers looking to boost productivity.


Noise-canceling headphones

If you work in an office that is constantly hustling and bustling with noise, introducing yourself to a pair of noise-canceling headphones should be on your priority list. Even if you’re just listening to rain sounds or piano soundtracks, muting the rest of the world out effectively to heighten your production levels.

Standing desk

Even though standing desks are pieces of furniture and not tech, we’re counting them as office must-haves anyway! Sitting all day has a number of downsides outside of potentially ruining your posture. Fight the health risks tied to sitting all day by fashioning your desk with a mini standing desk. With more blood flowing, your productivity juices will flow too.

Climate controller

Everyone likes to work in different climates. Some people like the office temperature cold, and some like it hot. Whatever your preference is, make it a reality with a smart climate controller. A comfy cubicle may be the one thing missing in your work life!

Solar charger

There’s nothing worse than having a phone or tablet dangling from your laptops. It looks messy, and it can be a pain to lug around an extra device anytime you move your PC for impromptu meetings or presentations. Leave your phone plugged into a solar charger at your desk. All sun-power, no plug needed.

USB C hub

Big tech companies have been moving away from the traditional USB 3.0 inputs and moving toward USB Type-C integration. If you’re saddled up with a new computer but depend on old cords and cables, a USB-C hub will be your new best friend. Macbook users will appreciate the convenient size and functionality of a port hub that lets them use their essential devices.


Wireless ear buds

The way of the future is wireless, so it’s about time your ear buds got the memo. Wireless ear buds have taken the market by storm. Having the freedom of walking away from your desk while still listening to your favorite playlist or getting the rundown on a company Skype meeting is a true game-changer. Stay zoned in, even on your coffee breaks away from your desk.


Saent is the epitome of futuristic productivity tools that work to block distracting online sites and apps from getting in the way of your workflow. Saent is capable of learning your habits—notifying you when it’s time to take a break and when it’s time to get back to the grind.

Universal cable

There are few things more annoying than ravaging through your desk drawers in search of the right cable for your tablet, phone, or computer. Nip that time-consuming, patience-testing process in the bud by introducing your desk space to a universal cable. Choose a braided or stainless steel cord for the longest durability.

Upgrading your office tech doesn’t have to be an expensive overhaul that completely renovates your cubicle. With any of these 10 products, you’ll be setting yourself up for immediate success. Let us know which products you enjoy most, and which products you’d recommend for the working-class hero!

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