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5 Best Evite alternatives

If you are into organizing events, you would have been one of them who struggles with how to send invitations for the event to friends, colleagues, and others. In fact, an online platform that helps you send invitations can be an excellent option in more ways than one. Evite has been such unique online platforms that assist you in sending invitations without hassles. 

What is Evite?

Well, is you are a party freak and love inviting your friends to the parties, you would be aware of Evite by every means. It is an online invitation platform that helps you invite people to the events. In case you are planning to host a party and want to send invitations to your friends and anyone who is interested, Evite assists you to achieve that by letting you send invitations with ease. 

It is a social planning website and can be an excellent option for creating, modifying, managing and sending invites. 

Best Evite Alternatives in 2020 you can opt for

Evite is, of course, a great platform, but what if you are forced to use other alternatives? That is precisely why we have been listing a few excellent Evite alternatives that can be helpful for you. 

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The services were featured on the 25 websites to watch list on PC World, and it began gaining a lot of popularity. It has also won the Massachusetts  Innovation and Technology Exchange award for its excellence in terms of performance. 

The site offers a very user-friendly and free service that can be used for sending invites to the guests per event. You can also send digital cards as well through the service. These can be sent to up to recipients. The website lets you plan an event and send the cards to friends and guests. 

If you are a newbie and are confused, it does provide you with suggestions on how to host the party and arrange the invitations. 

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Pingg, earlier known as Celebrations, yet another excellent Evite alternative and provides you access to plenty of templates to choose from. You can choose a template based on the event and occasion or even a festival. 

You can send the templates through email, social media and any other form of transfer. You can even keep track of your customers and guests. It acts as a perfect invitation maker or invitation creator. You create the invitation type by choosing the occasion, and the rest of the task should be rather easy and straightforward to understand. 

The variety of designs offered by the platform would make it an exciting choice. The ease of use is yet another factor we found compelling enough. 


Anyvite is a platform that lets you send highly personalized invitations. It also allows you send an invite through SMS through the service. In fact, you can organize an event and sell the tickets for the same through the Anyvite platform. 

The Anyvite platform provides you access to the ability to let your friends invite their own friends. You can even consider disallowing them from sending the invite. A limit can be set to the number of invites that they can send. If you are looking to create a professional level of invitations, Anyvite can be a perfect choice for your needs. 


Purpletrail provides you with an easy to use solution for every kind of event or occasion. It offers you template options for every type of activity that includes a birthday or wedding party or holiday. You can have a vast number of choices in terms of templates – as huge as 5000. 

A high degree of customization offered by the platform would further make it a great Evite alternative. You can even add up your own message, photo, and embellishment options. The invitations can be sent for free, and it comes with no ads. That should be an excellent option for a free platform. 

You can even get your invitation cards printed and deliver them to your friends and guests. Of course, that would be an option that comes with a fee. 

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PaperlessPost is yet another platform that lets you create custom cards and invitations. One of the right Evite alternatives to go with, it offers you a practical solution to create your invitations and dispatch them right away. 

The best customization options offered by the platform would make it a great choice to go with. The service also comes with an iOS app. You can send the free invitations to up to 2000 email addresses. You can even share the invitations through social media and SMS if you want to. You can even upload your own images and designs if you are an expert in designing a card. 

One of the best options we found interesting is that it lets you re-schedule your events without hiccups. If you have more invitees to cater to, you can check out the Pro plan that can send invites to up to 15000 recipients. 

Those listed above apart, Facebook can also double up as a great Evite alternative. Of course, they may not be user-friendly and efficient like the ones we have featured in this compilation. They tend to go unnoticed and thus may not be considered the efficient options for sending online invitations.

You will need to create an event and then add people by entering their name, email address or other details. Of course, it would be extremely easy and free to send invites through Facebook. 

Well, those were just a few of the exciting options that can act as the best Evite alternatives. Of course, Evite is quite widely used, but in case you are looking for some other options, the ones featured here should prove to be effective and efficient enough. 

Have you used any of them for sending online invitations? If you have, which of them would you consider the right to become the best Evite alternative? Please share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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