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ABP ( Adblock Plus ) is now getting ready to sell Ads

ABP (Adblock plus ) is stepping on the marketplace a little lately after gaining trust from users. ABP which is an extension where it blocks the Ads of the web page is now ready to sell the ads to the advertisers. So here is the detailed story of that.

ABP now Sells Ads

A step towards Acceptable Ads

Adblock Plus which has launched with an intention to block all the unwanted ads from the web page and allows users to visit an Ad-free website. Publishers have already started using the script which will protect the content from Adblock users and prompt them to uninstall the extension to view the content.

ABP has a program where the advertisers need to pay a specific amount to whitelist their Ads. As the battle goes on and also Facebook indulging into battle after the recent fight off Facebook v/s ABP, it’s looking like ABP has stepped down.

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Ben Williams, Adblock plus- Operations & communication director stated that ” the time taken for the whitelisting process has been reduced from weeks to seconds by launching an AAP ( Acceptable Ads Platform )”. They have just launched the beta version of AAP.

What Are Acceptable Ads ?

The problem with the users blocking Ads started with that repeated pop-up ads and clickjack ads ( Will be redirected to an ad when clicked anywhere on the website ) but due to this adblocking, Google Adsense ads are also getting blocked and this has affected the most of Bloggers / websites owners revenue.

So ABP has termed the ads which they show as Acceptable Ads. Acceptable Ads are small, non-intrusive ads and less annoying.

By introducing this AAP platform they want to satisfy both users and advertisers by implementing this Acceptable ad.

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More on AAP

Here are some of the features of AAP

  • You can see the list of Advertisers whitelisted.


  • Feedback mechanism about the ads


  • Real-time Bidding Process


  • It just takes millisecond to select Auction winner

By this step, it’s clear that ABP wants to cash on their user base and after this beta launch, the result will determine whether the efforts of ABP to bring the compromise between users & advertisers are successful or not.


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