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Acer announced first ever Chrome OS tablet

Acer Chromebook Tab 10 will be the first tablet to run on Chrome OS. Tab 10 which is similar to that of Apple iPad & the major point might be the Wacom-branded stylus which is like a Samsung note series which is built in with the device.

Tab 10 launch is interesting as Apple is rumored to launch a low priced iPad version in an education-themed event on March 27. Launching a Chrome OS tablet which is similar to that of iPad but at a much lower price point a day before the Apple event.

Acer Tab 10 will feature a 9.7-inch 2048*1536 IPS display with 2MP front & 5 MP rear cameras with a 4 GB RAM & 32 GB internal storage with a Micro SD option to extend memory, the whole system is powered by an OP1 processor ( which runs on the ARM ). Tab 10 will be consisting of a USB type C port & it’s estimated to give a 9 hours battery & also consists of a 3.5mm Audio jack.

Acer Chromebook Tab 10

The price of this Tab 10 is $329 which is quite an affordable one considering you don’t need to spend few extra bucks off the stylus. Though tomorrow Apple’s iPad launch will be interesting & in both Tab 10 & lower end iPad version, pricing will decide the verdict between these two. Both of the devices are aimed at students but tab 10 has an advantage of Chrome OS which is dominating the classroom computers.

Chrome OS is quite suitable for students with full access to chrome, Drive & runs Google Play apps. It will be available for sale in next month in North America & worldwide in May or June.


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