Apps like Afterpay

Well, we all love offers – especially the ones available on purchases. There may come such situations where you are looking to buy something essential and do not have enough funds at the moment. Your funds are arriving next week or so. But the offer currently available on the product is irresistible, and you do not want to lose it. 

That is where an app like Afterpay assumes a lot of importance. It lets you buy the products you love at the moment, even if you are short of cash, and pay for the services or products later on. Even when you are a die-hard fan of Afterpay, maybe you are checking out other alternatives to Afterpay. Let us check out a few apps like Afterpay today. 

Afterpay – A Concise Review 

Afterpay is an exceptional financial service that makes it easier for you to make purchases and then pay later. It can handle almost every financial task you may have on your mind. It comes with a complete order management system so that you can check out all your orders and get access to every minute detail so that you can decide on your payment choices.

It even lets you create in-store barcodes That way; the bar codes can be the right option for making purchases at the physical stores without having to worry about the cash in hand. 

Best Apps like Afterpay -After pay alternatives 

While Afterpay is an excellent option for those pay later options, you may be in need of. However, you may have your own reasons for searching the alternatives for Afterpay, here are a few options you can check out. 

Cash register


That should be an exceptional choice for your needs in online shopping or mobile phone top-ups. It is free to use the platform and offers you convenience and safety in one go. It has been considered to be one of the most reliable options among the best Afterpay alternatives out there.

You can use it to make payments through AirPay QR code akin to Afterpay. It has plenty of advanced features, such as connecting to your Virtual Mastercard or PayPal accounts as well. It also offers promotional offers and schemes from time to time. The application is available on both Android and iOS and can be accessed anywhere in the world. 

Square Point of Sale

This is a point of sale app and can be an excellent alternative to Afterpay if you tend to make purchases at the physical stores. It accepts card payments as well. The app is available on Android and iOS platforms. 

The best part with the Afterpay alternative is that it comes with no long term contracts, commitments, and hidden charges of any sort. Completely free to use, the Square app is an excellent choice for running your businesses from the convenience of a mobile phone.

Some of the features we loved with the platform include acceptance of cards, recording cash, applying promo codes and discounts, sending receipts through email, and tracking the inventory in real-time. 

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Any Store -Split in 4

As the name itself should indicate, the service lets you make your purchase and split it into four easy to pay installments. It does support the online stores and physical stores where Visa cards are accepted. 

Backed by the Global Founders Capital, making it one of the most reliable services ever that you can go with. It works with just three simple steps. Sign up for the service, link your card or transaction account, and you are good to go.

The service works both for online and in-store shopping as per your preference. The transactions are approved instantly. You can buy anything with zero interest. Shop now and pay in four installments spread over six weeks – convenience at your footsteps. 


Affirm is a new way to pay over time. If you are with Affirm, you can pay at thousands of stores without any need for stress. The service charges no late fees or any other similar hidden charges. You just need to choose Affirm at the checkout, and you are good to go. 

You can choose your own repayment schedule based on your requirements. Before you confirm your purchase, choose the tenure and repayment schedule as per your preferences, and once you are satisfied with your choice, confirm checkout. There are no charges whatever except for what you pay upfront. You will get prompt emails and text messages whenever your payments are due. 


Split payments in split seconds – that is what the service stands for. Trusted by more than a billion shoppers, the Afterpay alternative has been one of the best for installment payment options. The service across multiple platforms – you can use it for online purchases, physical stores, or on mobile. 

The quickest approval is what makes it a desirable option. There are no credit checks performed, no application required, and you do not even need to register. It can be useful for both shoppers and merchants. It offers the shoppers an opportunity to pay in installments, while the merchants can improve their sales and avoid cart abandonment issues. 

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Yet another excellent option among the apps like Afterpay, does what its name suggests. It helps you make payments partially and split your purchase amount into installments so that they do not sound like a burden to you.

There has been a growing number of online merchants joining as one of the payment options. If you are a merchant yourself, it can help you lose sales just because you do not accept flexible payment options.

As a customer, you are allowed to choose a repayment option based on your budgets and finances. The service has been active in more than 25 countries and set to grow further. Whether you are a shopper or a merchant, you can find it to be one of the preferred options and a great alternative to Afterpay. 

That was the list of our top picks for the best apps like Afterpay. If you think we met your expectations, just give us a thumbs up! 

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