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Musically is indeed one of the excellent tools for creating funny videos and share them on your social media services. In fact, it can be considered to be a great fun movie maker that can be used to bring out the creative side of your personality. It comes with a host of services built within the tool. Motion stickers, selfie filters, and a make up camera are a few features that would make it an excellent option for your short videos.

It is indeed a great tool in its own right, even then, are you looking for an app that can work in a similar way? Not that Musically has any issues as such, but if you are searching for the best Musically alternatives, we thought we could be of some help to you. That is precisely why we have come up with the select list of best apps like Musically to quench your creative thirst.

Musically App – What It Is?

As we already stated, Musically is an excellent app for creating your videos for your social media sharing. It can essentially be considered to be a simple to use video editing application that can be used to make efficient images and videos.


The tool packs in a host of professional tools so that you would be able to add a few excellent collages, adding frames and opting for a few exceptional artistic effects. You can add your favorite music to your files and videos. You can either use your own custom audio files or the files built within the tool. You can create your own videos and join the chosen list of creative experts in the internet world.

Apps Like Musically – A Formidable Alternatives List

Well, Musically is indeed a great tool for showing off your creative side. However, you may also be looking ahead for an alternative for Musically. If you are indeed, we assume the list featured here should provide you with a few alternatives to Musically.


Almost similar to Musically, Dubsmash is yet another app that lets you create your own funny videos and images. Just add up any sounds, quotes, and filters to your videos to create your own funny videos. Just let your imagination take its own stride and showcase your creative ability.

The tool is indeed an exceptional option for your requirements as one of the best alternatives to Musically. It comes with possibly the largest collection of music. Whether you are looking for those iconic cartoon characters you have always loved, or those excellent movie dialogues that have become eternal – you have access to almost every kind of audio tracks for you. Create your own videos and add them to the community for the whole world to see.


If you are checking out a video editor with an exceptional flair for a simple to use interface and an enviable collection of features, Kinemaster can be your best option. Not necessarily an exact app in the list of apps like Musically, it does come across as a capable option for creating a few great videos to share with the world.

Simplicity is the name of the game. You just need to add your videos to the file along with the audio you would want it to be associated with and you are good to go. Finish with as many filters and special effects as you would wish to. You can upload the finished videos and masterpieces direct to your YouTube channel from within the app. While it can be your best bet for an excellent alternative to musically for creating short videos in a jiffy, it can also be used to come up with a few great videos if you can devote some time.


Funimate is ideally not exactly app like Musically. You can make use of the videos and graphics to create your masterpiece and share them on your social media files.

With more than 5 million users on board, the tool is your best option to use your videos and music files to create excellent videos like Musically. It would help you create fun videos simply like you would do on Musically. You can use it to create classic videos and also a host of other great creations like slow motion videos, lip sync videos, or even other funny options that your creative mind can think of. You have access to erratic texts, excellent music, enchanting effects and awesome music. Funimate is an excellent video maker that has millions of users worldwide.

Viva Video

VivaVideo is fun video creator that would help you with recording and pictures to create your excellent pieces of Video Montages. Designed specifically for smartphones, the tool is an excellent option for creating your excellent videos and photographs.

The tool offers you several options including blurs, cuts and similar other effects. Though it may not be similar to Musically in all respects, the ability to produce some amazing results should be what you love it and treat it to be one of the best choices for your funny video creation. It also lets you share your videos to your YouTube Channel or other social media profiles.

In Conclusion

Musically has been a great success and has been the favorite app for the teens. Designed as the perfect combination of music, video and social network, Musically should be your excellent choice. With over 40 million active users on a daily basis, the app is popularly known as a lip sync application. The popularity of the app should make it an excellent option in its own right and that is precisely what has prompted several developers to try imitating them.

With that backdrop, we thought of compiling a list of the best apps like Musically so that you can check out the different flavors of the fun video creation as a hobby. We assume that the apps featured in this combination should have been practically useful all the fans of Musically out there. You can use the apps listed out here in combination with Musically – if not replace it.

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