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Beer Ripples prints on Beer Foam with Malt Based Ink

Ripples which is known for printing messages, quotes or images on Coffee is back with a new product, Beer Ripples. Their last product, Coffee Ripples is quite popular & many of the restaurants & coffee shops are using coffee ripples to serve their customers. Beer Ripples works similarly as of Coffee Ripples by printing a high-resolution image on top of Beer Foam which is based on Malt.

Beer Ripples

This malt design will never affect the taste of Beer because of the negligible amount they are using in printing the image on the foam of beer. The Beer Ripples machine is preloaded with few quotes & images apart from that you can send the images via the mobile app to print. “This ripple tech will turn any foam based beer to a joyful &  Instagramable moment using 3D printing technology ” Yossi Meshulam, CEO of Ripples stated in the press release.

They are already a successful venture with coffee ripples product serving millions of customers of coffee shops & restaurants from past 2 years from their release & now they are stepping up the game to Bars, Pubs, Hotels & Sporting events to increase the engagement between.

The interface of the device is quite simple & it’s WiFi enabled. All you need to do place of a glass of beer with foam at the mark & select the logo, image or quote from the library with the help of touch screen & wait for 10-15 Seconds. You can also download their free app to transfer your personal images or texts to the machine & print them on the beer. The app is available for free on Android & iOS stores.

It Supports glasses up to seven inches tall & uses malt based Ink which will fit the color of beer & also which doesn’t disturb the taste/chemistry of the beer. As of now, this is only available for the US & Canada, it will be out globally in coming months.

Coming to the price point, it costs $3000 with an annual subscription fee of $1500 which will cover all the costs including the cartridge (malt-ink) which will serve up to 6000 prints with consumer support. This price might not well work with a normal consumer but will work well with commercial business ( Pubs, clubs etc ).


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