Best Android Shortcuts You’re Probably Not Using

Most of us use Android smartphone or surrounded by the people using Android Smartphones. These smartphones have made our life simpler it is really very easy to use them but does you know still there is a lot to explore about your smartphones.

5 Best Android Shortcuts

Here is a list of shortcuts which you probably do not know or not using on your smartphone.  

Launch the Camera Instantly

Many times we require to use our smartphone camera instantly we even do not get time to unlock our phone and to launch the application. So if your device is running a modern Android with Marshmallow (Android 6.0), then try to Double-Tap the power button.

By doing this you’ll go straight to the camera app. This powerful shortcut allows you to launch camera app in less than a second.

Quickly Search for Applications

 We usually install a number of applications on our android devices and get many applications pre-installed on our devices together it makes a bunch of applications and if you want to search for an app quickly then it becomes difficult to do that.

To search an app quickly you can tap on the magnifier given on the top of the list of applications it will give you a search box and you will be able to quickly search for an app.

Pull down to refresh

 On our smartphones we often browser websites and mostly we do this on google chrome. So if you want to refresh a page then either you have to tap on refresh button alternatively this can be done easily by pulling the screen downwards. It works for most of the web browsers.

User quick Text response

You can smartly reject a call with a text message. When you are receiving a call in some smartphones you will find and option to reject a call with SMS but with others, there are only two buttons Accept or Reject. Do you know every smartphone has this feature to reject a call with SMS? If you do not find an option to send a quick response, simply swipe up on the incoming call screen you will see some preloaded quick messages like I am busy, call you later etc.

Android Short cuts quick reply

You can instantly write a personalized message. This feature will help you to reject your calls without annoying the caller.

Use voice commands to do everything faster

Your smartphone is actually your personal assistant you can speak up the things and it will do them for you. It will not require you to tap anywhere all you need to say is “Ok google” and your device will listen to your voice command.

To enable this feature.

  • Download the google app if it is not preinstalled.
  • Open the Google App.
  • At the top left, tap Menu Settings > Voice >” Ok Google” detection.
  • Check the box next to “From Google app.”
  • Check the box next to “From any screen” or “Always on.”

These shortcuts will allow you to use your smartphone more smartly and you will feel that it is not only a smartphone but your digital assistant.

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