Best strategy game for Android ( Both Free & Paid )

In this article, we will see the Best Strategy games for Android which includes both Free & Paid versions ( 5 Best from Free versions & 5 from Paid ). A strategy is something which is closely related to planning by utilizing mind. Games which are known to bring out the best from you and forces you to deliver the best.

So, those wants to just pass the time but doesn’t want to waste it, can install these games and try to sharpen your brain with these awesome best strategy games coming right your way.

10 Best Strategy Games for Android

Best Strategy Games

Free Android Strategy Games

So first we will see the 5 Best free Strategy Games for Android. Do check them out once and feel free to express your opinion in comments.

Chess Free ( 4.4 , 1.1m )

When you are including the term strategy into games the first game which you will encounter is Chess. So here is a game for android lovers i.e Chess Free. This game is completely free with no In-app purchases, with a simple interface and also tutorials this is one of the best Chess game out there. The developers of this app have been awarded as a top developer in 2013 & 2015.

Chess Android Game

You can play against your friends or against CPU. Difficulty levels are divided into 12 levels, starting from 1 to 12 and also another option being Casual & Pro modes. You don’t need any internet connection to play this game, it works in Offline mode. The size of this game is only 11 MB and required Android 2.3 & above to work. You can install this game from Google Play store, here is the link ->> Chess Free

Clash of Clans  ( COC )( 4.6, 29m )

You can’t miss out this epic game. Clash of Clans has over 5 million 5- star rating in reviews out of whopping 29 million votes. This is one of the best strategy game. Clash of clans gameplay is related to the old age where the kingdoms and war exists. You need to lead your clan to victory by fighting with enemies and training & raising your own army. This game is free but it has some In-App purchases and you need to be above 13 years of Age to play this game.

Clash of Clans Android Game

This game will be playable only in Online mode. You can fight with the players all around the world and collect their trophies. You can team up with other clan members. The size of this game is 63 MB and requires Android 4.0.3 & above to function properly. You can download this game from Playstore and here is the link to it. Clash of Clans

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Boom Beach ( 4.4, 4m )

Boom Beach is similar to clash of clans, this is the second game from the developers of the clash of clans ( Super Cell ).  This game also required an internet connection and has some conditions as of Clash of clans. You need to build a headquarter which is similar to clans in COC and you need to build resources to defend them against your enemies.

Boom Beach Android Game

The game required Android 4.0.3 & above and the size is 76 MB. You can download the game from play store, here is the link to play store, Boom Beach.

Plague Inc ( 4.5 , 2m)

If you are looking for a game which is realistic and will be played strategically with some high-quality HD Graphics then this is for you. Plague Inc is a realistic simulation game, where you need to infect the world with Plague to end the human history. Usually, in a storyline similar to this, you will be given a human character to defend the world but here you need to destroy mankind by spreading disease.

Plague Inc

The requirement and size of the game depend on the device you play. Plague Inc comprises of Stunning HD graphics, 12+ diseases to play with and over 50+ countries to destroy. Download this game from play store and here is the link, Plague Inc.

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Plants vs. Zombies 2 ( 4.4, 4m)

You know that game will be awesome when it will be in the hands of EA ( Electronic Arts). Plants vs zombies 2 are developed by EA, it is the sequel to the hit version. You need to protect your brain and in turn need to stop the  zombie by feeding on different plant food. This Plant food will power up your defenses.

Plants vs Zombies 2 Android Game

The game requires Android 3 & above and the size of the game is 630 MB. You can download & install the game from Play store and here is the link, Plants vs Zombies 2.

So after the list of free Android Strategy games and here let us go through some paid games with some awesome level of strategy.

Door Kickers ( 4.5 )

Door kickers is an awesome game which is a blender of strategy and action. In this game, you need a play a role of cop leading the team to complete the missions by planning strategically. You need to plan team routes to attach and choose the equipment and also coordinate points to attack.

Door Kickers Android game

The size of the game file is 430 MB and  you need a device which supports Android 4.0.3 & above and also a device with a screen size of above 5.7 Inch is recommended. You can play the game with devices below the size of 5.7 inches but for better experience above 5.7 inches is preferred. The price of this game is 5$ and here is the link to play store, Door Kickers.

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Devil’s Attorney ( 4.3 )

Devil’s Attorney is a law related game, where you will give a play role of a lawyer who is egoistic and wants to spend money in buying furniture and improvising your apartment. With 58 challenging cases to complete and 3 difficulty setting, you will have much more to explore. You will be given a client’s case and  need to solve it to earn money and buy accessories to the apartment and in turn unlocking next levels.

Devils Attorney Android Game

The price of this game is around $3 and the size of the game is 364 MB which requires Android 2.3 & above. Here is the link to the game in the play store, Devil’s Attorney.

Kingdom Rush origins ( 4.8 )

Kingdom Rush origins have a similar gameplay to that of the clash of clans. This is termed as the most addictive game in tower defense category. You need to built towers and power up them by enhancing ability and guard with different creatures and heroes. It is the third installment of Kingdom rush saga which is a huge hit.

Kingdom Rush Origins

The price of the game is around 3.5$ and the size of the game is 239 MB and required Android 4.0 & above to run the game smoothly. It also consists some In-App purchases and here is the link to download it from Play Store, Kingdom Rush origins.

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Great Big War Game ( 4.5 )

If you want a game with a tactical play which includes a battle on Land, Sea & Air then try this game. With Online multiplayer option, where you can battle against a player across the globe. The gameplay is closely related to war, you need to deploy the forces and plan your mission and destroy the opponents.

great big War game

Termed as the “Essential Game for Strategy game lovers ” with 50 missions and HD graphics and support for online multiplayer is what makes this game stand apart from others. To play the game, you need a device which runs Android 2.3.3 & above and the size of the game is 96 MB. Here is the play store link to download the game and the price is around 7$, Great Big War Game.

Bloons TD 5 ( 4.5 )

Bloons TD 5 is the best strategy game which all the members of the family can play including children. The challenging battle knot with the tower defense building gameplay with an added humor is the best part of the game. With21 powerful towers, 50+ Tracks, 250+ Random Missions and 3 different game modes.

Bloons TD 5

The price of this game is around 2$ and requires devices with Android 2.3 & above to function smoothly. The size of the game is around 81 MB and here is the play store link for the same, Bloons TD 5 .

Wrapping Up

So, here are out top 10 best free & paid Strategy games for android, do check them out. If you want to suggest any other game which you have played, please let us know through comments. Also, share the article on social networking sites.


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