Best cellphone monitoring apps

The growth of technology can be both beneficial and a bane at the same time. The incessant use of smartphones has been one of the prime reasons that should help you understand the essence of this statement.

The smartphones and other technologies such as social media services have been one of the prime addictive aspects that have made kids forget their studies and even eating correctly.


That is precisely where you are likely to fall short of monitoring the activities of your kids. If you are someone facing a similar issue, you would need to check out a few excellent options for the best cell phone monitoring apps ever. Spy on iPhone without jailbreak for the iOS versions of the apps.

Best Cellphone Monitoring apps to keep track of your kids’ behavior 

Well, when it comes to the best options in the cellphone monitoring apps, you do have plenty of choices. Picking the best among them may be a slightly tricky task. We thought we would be of some assistance to you in picking the best options among these smartphone monitoring apps.


FamiSafe should be your best bet when it comes to the perfect experience in terms of the smartphone monitoring. One of the most influential factors that would make it a powerful option lies in the fact that it can help you track your kid’s real-time location details and their location history. The geo-fencing feature is one of the prime aspects that makes it an excellent option. 


  • An excellent location history and live location options 
  • It can help you block the unwanted YouTube videos and other channels that you don’t want your kids to watch. 
  • Free of charge update options 
  • Detection of suspicious apps and activities. 
  • Device blocking 

mSpy Mobile monitoring 

mSpy is a powerful smartphone monitoring service for your Android and iOS devices. In fact, mSpy has been one of the most potent monitoring apps for almost all your needs. In addition to incoming and outgoing calls, it can track a wide range of activities such as tracking multimedia files, text messages, tracking the location. 


  • You can even block the fraud or unwanted calls 
  • The app doubles up as an excellent keylogger. 
  • A stealthy operation at its best 
  • User-friendly interface and ease of use 

FlexiSpy Monitoring 

If you are looking for the best possible cross-platform cellphone monitoring, FlexiSpy Monitoring should be an excellent solution for most of your needs. It can handle monitoring a wide range of activities on the target phone that include calls, WhatsApp chats, and SMS. Ability to track two smartphones at the same time can be yet another added advantage. 


  • Ability intercept and restrict an ongoing call as well. 
  • Option to retrieve any password through the use of a Password Cracker. 
  • Control the camera and microphone of the target device to monitor the surroundings. 
  • Works with Android and iOS devices without the need for rooting or jailbreaking 
  • The top-end option to check instant messaging. 


Hoverwatch is one of the primary apps that made the smartphone monitoring a prime concept and provide it with the mainstream compatibility. In addition to providing the best smartphone monitoring services as found on most of the competing apps, it also focusses on social media services such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber and a host of them. 


  • It can detect the internet activities of all the internet activities of the target device 
  • It can handle over 25 devices at the same time. 
  • The app can even detect the SIM card change. 
  • Record your calls and can even track the camera. 


The advanced GPS tracking compatibility is what would make it one of the strongest players when it comes to handing the best quality performance of your smartphone monitoring needs. The location can be tracked not only with the GPS, but also through the use of WiFi and LTE networks. It can be your best bet for SMS messages, call logs, and social site usage tracking. 


  • Tracks SIM location – a feature you may not find on other spy apps 
  • Remote download feature on iOS devices 
  • Access to monitor up to 25 devices. 
  • Web history tracking along with bookmarks and time stamps
  • Spies almost all instant messengers 

Highster Mobile 

The Highster Mobile is one of the high end and efficient advanced phone tracker you would ever witness. It can handle a wide range of smartphone activities that include calls, SMS, emails, GPS location, internet history, contacts & calendar activities. The software can be installed through an over the link means that further enhances your experience. 


  • It can handle and monitor almost all your WiFi networks
  • A perfect geofencing efficiency to keep track of the safety of your loved ones. 
  • Spying efficiently on your social media and messaging apps 
  • Blocks websites and calls effectively. 
  • Availability of keylogger application. 

SpyEra Monitoring 

The SpyEra can be one of the enhanced experience in terms of best options to monitor your kid activities. It can handle a wide range of smartphone monitoring activities that include live calls, live call monitoring, and live call recording. It can even handle the other activities such as handling your target camera. 


  • A perfect real-time location tracking capability 
  • Offers you access to a wide range of social media and instant messengers that include WhatsApp chats, call logs and social media
  • The password grabber feature lets you find the password on the device
  • Full app usage report supported. 
  • File transfer details 

The Concluding Thoughts 

Well, there are plenty of smartphone monitoring apps available, and we have only touched the tip of an iceberg. Online security should be one of the prime assets for any of your needs. That is precisely what prompted us to list out the best options for the perfect cellphone monitoring apps that would help you achieve the best possible protection to your kids, and loved ones. 

That apart, the cellphone monitoring apps can also be a great option to keep a tab on your employees and their activities, especially the field employees and those involved in marketing. Check out the best smartphone monitoring options featured here and pick the one that best meets your needs. 

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