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Storage space makes up as one of the biggest concerns for smartphone users. Most likely, it is used by apps and data such as cached files, browsing history and duplicate files. More often than not, these eat up all the memory space and leave users with annoyance to clean up their device.

As to apps, I’d say you should never keep any app that you don’t use. Whereas, for data, there are various sort of files in it starting from cached to duplicates.

Duplicate Files Fixer App Review

You can get rid of cached data and browsing history on your phone via its storage manager and Chrome browser respectively. If you are using Mozilla Browser, then here are some actionable tips to Speed up Firefox.However, duplicate content can’t be removed it a click unless you have a duplicate file finder and media remover app.

That been said, today we’ll feature Duplicate Files Fixer, a handy duplicate cleaner app. This duplicate media remover app will cut the clutter out and give you a rather organized phone.

Remove duplicate files with ease

More often than not, duplicates eat up more memory space on your phone than you’d ever imagine. On top of that, it also becomes preposterous to trace all such files.

Duplicate Files Fixer is equipped with a smart scanner to scan all such files on your phone in a jiffy. Its intuitive and engaging interface makes the task smoother and seamless.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you simply need to scan your phone with it. Upon scanning, preview all files detected with this duplicate file finder.

Duplicator Files Fixer

You should then auto-mark or manually mark duplicates and delete all marked files.

Duplicate Files Fixer entails a simple three step process to delete duplicates. It has amazing features which make the app even greater.

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Features of Duplicate Files Fixer

Duplicate Files Fixer is equipped with several canny features. Find them below.

  • Themes: It has dual themes- Classic and Material themes to scan and detects duplicate files. Both the themes provide same results. However, only difference lies are in its layout. You will enjoy animation and categorized view in Material theme while Classic gives you a simple and plain view.
  • Marking Options: You can auto-mark duplicates with several alternatives provided in Duplicate Files Fixer. It has ‘Mark All expect First,’ ‘Mark All except Last,’ ‘Unmark Shortest File Location’ and Unmark All’ as its marking options. You select any of these and mark you duplicate files with that.
  • Multi-Lingual Support: This duplicate cleaner also supports several languages including Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Finnish, Norwegian, etc., making itself accessible to everyone.
  • Data Backup Support: Duplicate Files Fixer also helps you create a backup of all files before you delete them. You simply have to tap on ‘Backup Now’ button on the results page and download Right Backup app to secure your data on cloud security.
  • Settings: You can also customize scanning on your phone via Settings of Duplicate Files Fixer.

Scan Filters: You’ll have scanning filters for files with same name, size and content. Other than this, you can also add filters for 0-byte files and files laying in a hidden folder on your phone.

Ignore List: You can put any file or folder on ignore list so as to remove it from scanning.

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This was about Duplicate Files Fixer. It is a sure hack for duplicate files accumulated on your phone. It helps you remove chunks of junk data, thereby realize abundant memory space on your device. On top of this, it is available for free and is rated 4.2 stars on Google Play Store.

You can download the app from here. And you can also recommend this app to anyone because of it is also compatible with Windows and Mac platforms.

Duplicate Files Fixer App Review
Duplicate Files Fixer is an Excellent App to remove all the duplicate media files from your Android SmartPhone
Works on Both Internal & External Memory
Easy & Simple Interface
Have an option to ignore Some folders
Can't run the scan on Specific Folders
Out of 10

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