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Best features of PDF converter

PDF converter is such an amazing tool that provides for basic features such as editing and converting to advanced features like annotating the document etc. Because of all such features, this PDF creator has become the best choice for the user of any level. Since it prepares very professional PDF files, the PDF converter is one of the most commonly used software for people in the business.


Because of providing series of useful functions, the PDF converter has got the top position in the list of top 10 best PDF converters. The unique features of this converter make this software extremely useful. Here are the best features of this PDF converter.

Key Features Of PDF converter

After comprehensively evaluating the PDF converter, it has been observed that it contains all those features that are needed by a professional user to convert to or edit the documents.

Interactive interface

The easy to navigate interface makes it very interactive. This template enables the user to understand all the complexities of the software. It lets the user convert the file of any format into the PDF file. He can also convert the PDF file into the file of any format.

The interface is very clean, and the tools are labeled. The user can find those tools very easily.

Easy to access

The PDF converter can be accessed easily from any web-enabled device. No matter you are using Android or Windows; you will always be able to download this software in your device. Additionally, the online portal can also be used for editing or creating PDFs.

Provides easy conversion

Including websites, files of any format can easily be converted to PDF with the help of PDF converter. It also contains a specialized feature of optical character recognition with the help of which the conversion to files of other formats becomes easier.

The conversion to MS word or any other file means that the document can be edited and modified according to the needs of the user. PDF converter provides this facility for editing the document.

3D tool

Although the text editing features are same as in other PDF converter software, the unique feature of working of 3D documents to enhance its readability makes it stand out.    

Reviewing tools

One of the best tools of PDF converter is that it possesses reviewing tools. This tool contains sticky notes and stamp tools. The reviewing tool also enables the user to make a comparison between the original document and the edited one by keeping both documents side by side.

Redaction feature

Since PDF converter also comes with the feature of sharing the converted file to someone else, there can be several things that the user may want to have this feature. The redaction feature of PDF converter software facilitates the user by enabling him to remove a certain type of information from the document before sending it to someone.


Once you have created the document, you can create the password or permissions to restrict the access.

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