Best free chat rooms to make new friends

Today we gonna take a look at the best free chat rooms to make new friends in this internet world. Life is filled with many ups and downs, at some point in time, we may feel that no one is out there for us and we are alone. Loneliness is a serious issue and can cause major damage both physically and mentally. But here is the weapon to kill your boredom or loneliness or anything which can let you to depression and the answer for that is the Internet.

No Friend Is An Accident

Yes, the Internet is filled with many options and let us use some of them for finding chat rooms and make new friends. Chat rooms are essentially a platform where you can exchange text to a group of users ( more like messaging platforms ). It’s like chatting or texting with different ( strange ) people online.

Note: Before using these chat rooms make sure to be attentive & don’t reveal your personal info on the chat. Keep in mind that your talking with a stranger who can take advantage of you. We aren’t responsible for any loss/damage.

These chat rooms help to talk to strangers and make a new friend by interacting with them and share your thoughts, views, feelings, opinions with them. So, here is the list of some of the Best Chat rooms available out there, check out all the sites & see which you like the most & use it carefully.

5 Best Free Chat Rooms for making new friends

5 Best Free Chat Rooms

Take a look at these and try out these chat rooms, spend some time out there and judge which is best to your personality and thin and find out which is the best according to your view and perception and then carry on with that.

Zobe – Chat Anonymously with strangers

Zobe is one excellent website to kill your boredom and the great part is you can start right away. Just open the site and enter your name and Age and gender and then you can start right away.

By default, you will be entered to general chat and you will be greeted with 3 options of general chat, cyber chat, trolls arena. ( which are group chats )

There are working these days with karma part. You can create your own chat room and share the URL on social networking sites and ask others to join it. You have the option to chat privately with other users also rather than group chat.

Zobe chat is one of the famous & best free chat rooms one can use.

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TeenChat is much similar to Zobe but it has some much more options than zobe and also you can explore more categories from first itself. There are plenty of available rooms like nerd chat etc so there are more options in teen chat to explore.

There is no registration process and all you have to do is enter the name, select age and gender and then start right away. It is rated high in the Online world, so go there and have fun.


Chatforfree started its journey in 2005. This is one of the oldest websites for live chats with strangers, the best part of it is the video chat option and also there are separate versions for desktop and mobile.

Webcam chat is also available and you can watch HD video rooms and no need of webcam on your desktop to watch but you need a webcam to stream. It is a free service but needs registration which can be done by your Email.


If you don’t want to chat through the browser and want any tool from which you can use free chat rooms options, then this will be the best one. All you have to do is download the tool and install it and enjoy the chatting service with strangers.

It is available for Desktop ( Both Mac & Windows ) and also for mobile ( Android, IOS, Windows ).

You have to register and install the app and start it. Check out these free ftp clients for file transfer and stickers are the additional options you can use it. I would recommend this for techie guys out there.

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A Nice Chat

This is the option for those who need a simple interface without any fuss, here it just enters your name and a random person will connect with you and you can start texting right away. Thought text chat is the only option and also available for persons might be a flaw in it but the easy to use interface might be helpful for someone.

There is Android App available for this, download it and you can start texting from it.


Here is the list of 5 best free chat rooms available. I have diversified it by providing 3 web browser chat rooms, one easy to use interface and the other for all-around performance. If you find anything more useful or would like to add that site to this list, comment the site down.

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Chat rooms are a platform to talk without strangers without revealing your identity. You can chat with other persons & make new friends in the web.
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