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best free online radio apps for linux users

Music is what soothes you. If you are one of those who love listening to music all the time, online radio is what you need.  In the current world dominated by digitalisation, there is no dearth of apps for listening to music. There are many online radio applications available for Linux.

The current article focusses on the free online radio apps  for Linux. Here go our top picks for the best online radio services for Linux.

6 Best Free Online Radio Apps for Linux Users

Radio Tray

Radio Tray is the first and foremost option that comes to the mind when one moves on to search for an online radio app for Linux. The application has a minimalist interface. That makes it easy on resources.

As the name itself indicates, the app runs in the Linux system tray. The app keeps on playing the radio in the background without disturbing from completing your work. Radio Tray is licensed under GPL. The app supports almost all popular media formats.

Radio Tray has drag and drops feature for saving bookmarks. You can play media files in PLS, M3U, ASX, WAX and WVX formats. Setting up your favourite radio stations is quite easy. Just enter the name of the station and the URL of the streaming service. That does it. The app also supports extensible plugins.

Download Radio Tray from the link

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Rhythmbox is inspired by iTunes because it looks like iTunes in its looks. The app comes with its own music player. You can choose your favourite music and play it in the background while you keep working.

The graphical interface is what makes it an easy to use online radio app for Linux. The app does support a huge list of media formats. You can browse for your favourite music and sort it according to your preferences.

The internet radio support provided by the Rhythmbox is quite awesome. The app is based on the GStreamer framework. It works quite well under GNOME. The interface of the app is highly customizable.

You can get the app from the link


TunaPie is the best online directory for internet radio and TV services. The app does not have its own media player. It uses with any player of your choice.

The TunaPie app works with Icecast and Shoutcaststream directories. The app can easily play the TV and radio streams defined by the user. The best part of the app is its ability to play TV streams.

The app lets you record your favourite radio and TV streams. You can use it to record the streams through Streamripper.TunaPie is a free software. It is launched under GPL 2.

Get the TunaPie app from

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Streamtuner is yet another stream directory service, just like TunaPie. The app lets you browse the live365 directory. You can connect and enjoy a large number of internet radio stations with StreamTuner.

The app has a clean and easy to use interface. It works with live365 directory and Shoutcast  pages. Apart from listening to internet radio streams, you can manage your local music collection with support for ID3 and Vorbis metadata.

Streams can be added manually to the collection. You can save your collection by bookmarking them. StreamTuner lets you record your favourite streaming channels  through services like Streamripper.

The StreamTuner app does feature a GTK+2.0 interface. The interface is quite clean and easy to use.

You may download the StreamTuner from


Spotify is one of the most popular music apps. The service offers an excellent collection of millions of music tracks. The app is now available for Linux users.

The Spotify app can be used anywhere. It offers you the widest range of tracks – actually, the count runs into millions. The audio quality on Spotify has been adjudged as the best in a class by the music lovers worldwide.

Spotify does provide a download option. If you find a track interesting and would wish to have it for offline listening – Spotify should be the best option for you. The best part is the fact that it is free.

Get Spotify from Please note that the version for Linux has been offered as a Debian package.


Pandora is one of the best and well-known music service. But, sadly enough, it does not work anywhere else in the world except the United States.

Pandora has developed a specialised client for the Linux operating system. Labelled <i>Pithos</i>, the new client for Linux is quite low on resources. The app does support all the desktop features.

The best part with the Pandora app is the ability to work without any need for browser or flash. The app lets you access your favourite music tracks with ease. Pandora lets you pause and resume the streaming.

The app does work in a quite hassle-free manner. You can keep working on your tasks with the app playing your favourite music in the background.

You can download PandoraPithos from the link

In conclusion

That was  the list of the best apps for online radio streaming for the Linux operating system. The online radio apps featured above are quite feature rich and above all FREE. Why wait for anything more? Get ahead and try those free online radio apps for Linux. Try them out and settle on any one of them depending on your preferences.

Have you used any of those apps? Share your views on the apps featured above. Do you have any other apps that you have used and would wish to share with us? You are welcome to come up with your ideas.

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