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Best Hamachi Alternatives

When it comes to the gaming, the prime factor one needs to give a thought to would be the multiplayer nature of the game. In fact, a wide range of PC games is designed keeping the multiplayer mode in mind. However, the online multiplayer games need you to be hooked on to the internet if you want to join your friends in playing a game. How about creating a local LAN so that all of you can connect to it and enjoy the best multiplayer games?

Hamachi is perhaps the first name that comes to one’s mind when looking for the best multiplayer games and LAN for the purpose. It has been one of the most potent virtual LAN creators and has been quite popular among the players globally. Even then, what if you are looking for some alternatives to Hamachi? That is precisely where we will be of help to you. Let us check out some of the best Hamachi alternatives.

Best Hamachi Alternatives

While we cannot undermine the popularity and features available on Hamachi. However, it is not without its own negative points. One of the issues can be related to the affordability. The free subscription tier will allow you to connect with just five clients at a time. There are a few negative reviews of late, and most of them revolve around lags and latency issues.

That is precisely why we would want you to check out these few Hamachi alternatives so that – in case you are suffering from any of these issues – you can easily switch and continue to enjoy your games at its best.


If you are looking for more features than just virtual LAN for multiplayer gaming, Evolve is an excellent option for your requirements. In addition to LAN creation, you would find other exciting features like party mode and matchmaking functionalities.


The user interface is quite simple and easy to go with. The service also offers you access to the tunnelling experience and network adapters. Evolve is an excellent option and makes use of a Stream like functionality. The service works efficiently with practically every possible game. The service also has partnered with a gaming platform to let you purchase your favourite games from within Evolve.

The platform is designed to provide you access to live streaming functionalities, and this includes Facebook, YouTube and Twitch, to name a few.


The platform made its humble beginning during the earlier days in 1999 for MacOS. However, the platform expanded further for PC gaming as well in 2008. It has been considered to be an excellent option for use with LAN gaming solution.

The security features and functionalities offered by the platform should make it one of the best choices for your needs. GameRanger makes use of its own client for offering you a LAN gaming environment. The considerably lower pings and a high degree of security are a few features that should make it one of the best options and a perfect Hamachi alternative.

One of the downsides would be that while Hamachi lets you play practically any LAN game, GameRanger works only with a select list of supported games. If security is what you are looking for, GameRanger is an excellent option for you.


NetOverNet is one of the excellent options for use with if you are looking for the perfect simulation of the virtual client. In fact, the tool is basically a VPN emulator and offers you a simple and easy to use interface. You can use it for connecting to multiple PCs and clients. In case you are looking for the basic LAN connectivity solution, it may be a perfect choice you can opt for.

Your device comes with its own login credentials, and you can connect with the user’s virtual network. It should be remembered that the emulator is not specifically designed keeping the gaming in mind, but does effectively work efficiently for your gaming needs. You can also use it for an effective sharing platform as well.

In fact, we would consider it an excellent choice for as an alternative for Hamachi for establishing an efficient VPN.


Wippien can be a good option if you are someone looking for an excellent choice in terms of a simple LAN platform. It is one of the simplest LAN emulators and provides you access to a simplest features in a lightweight construction.

Wippien can be a perfect option for your requirements in case you are checking out the option of a simple to use Hamachi alternative. The tool has a foot print of just around 2 MB and performs the simple task of playing games over LAN. If you are the one who does not want to fill up your computer with the unnecessary bloatware. It provides you access to a P2P connectivity with an open source code. This is precisely what would make it one of the great options for Hamachi alternatives.

The application lets you play any of the multiplayer games without any issues. Do note that you can use only Gmail and Jabber accounts and will not work with any other accounts as such.


FreeLAN is a perfect option for almost all your requirements in LAN based gaming and can be one of the best free Hamachi alternatives. It can also double up as an excellent option for your requirements in forming your personal private network.

The tool is available open source and can be a perfect option for all your requirements in high end customisations. The high speed performance ensures that the service does not come with any sort of lags when playing games on the platform. The software comes with no GUI of any sort. That is exactly what would help you customise it the way you would want to. The fact that the service is still under active development should ideally make it one of the best options you would want to go with.

FreeLAN is one of the most extensive applications for use with and doubles up as a great tool for VPN creation for your gaming experience.


ZeroTier is perhaps one of the most practical and efficient Hamachi alternatives you would want to opt for. The service comes with a compatibility with almost all operating systems. You can access it with Windows, MacOS, iOS and Android, to name just a few.

The ZeroTier service is completely open source and works with almost all services and platforms. The service also comes with iOS and Android apps. It provides you with multiple functionalities and features, some of which can be VPN, SDN and SD WAN on a single system. The service is free to use and does not need any kind of port forwarding needs. The service also provides you access to a high end community support. While the product is free, you can opt for advanced features by opting for a paid plans of your choice.

You can be assured of low ping, simpler user interface, an excellent gaming performance with ZeroTier.


SoftEther, which is the short form for Software Ethernet, it is an excellent option for use with the most powerful and easy to use VPN tool. The service supports a wide range of applications and tools. Some tools that we found enhancingly interesting would include Windows, Linux, Mac, FreeBSD, and Solaris.

The tool is entirely open source and provides you access to a wide range of products and services. You can be assured of a high degree of flexibility and an excellent array of features. The interface should be the best part with its simplicity and ease of use. However, the features offered by the tool are just incredible.

The availability of AES 256-bit and RSA 4096-bit encryptions should be what would make it one of the most secure systems. While the tool is one of the most secure options you would want to go with, it also packs in a huge list f features and functions.

In fact, the software is completely free to use. That would make it one of the preferred choices for an enhanced gaming.

The Concluding Thoughts

Hamachi has been one of the most preferred options for LAN creation and multiplayer gaming. That should ideally explain the huge user base that the software tool commands. But, the five person limitation is what has made it a little disturbing for those of you who love multiplayer gaming in its true spirit – with as many friends as you would want to.

From that perspective, the Hamachi alternatives we have listed in this compilation should help you arrive at the best possible options. Not that Hamachi is not a reliable tool. But the limitations you would face with it should ideally make the alternatives here a perfect option.

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