Best hidden spy apps for android

If you have a smartphone to your kid, you run the huge risk of having to prevent them from using certain apps and services. In today’s world, where online tutoring and homeschooling has become one of the vital necessities, it is essential to hand a phone to your children. But, the huge number of obnoxious websites and services and other unwanted content available on the internet, it has become absolutely necessary to go with a spy app on your phone to keep a tab on the online activities of your kid. 

This holds good for the employers too who want to have a check on the activities and whereabouts of their employees. That will be of more essence if you have a lot of field employees who need to be monitored to find whether they are really doing what they are supposed to. 

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This is where the hidden spy apps would come to the fore. With hundreds of Android smartphones being available and Android being one of the most used smartphone operating systems globally, we thought we will list out a few best hidden spy apps for Android. 

Best Hidden Spy Apps for Android

The spying apps on smartphones are becoming quite popular, and one of the prime customers for these services are parents and business owners. One of the added advantages of using a spy app for Android is most of the current breed of spy apps let you hide their icon or camouflage their real operation. 

With that background info, here are our picks for the best hidden spy apps for Android. 


Mobistealth is compatible with multiple operating systems that include iOS, Android, Windows PC, and MAC. No need to root your device should be one of the excellent options. It has been touted to be one of the best options for intuitive tracking of every element of your target phone. Easy setup is one of the advanced features that would make it one of the excellent options to go with. 

You would have the option of either opting for the basic option or pick the option to go paid with three different premium plans. You can pick your pack based on the features that you are looking ahead to. Apart from smartphones, the spy app also lets you gain access to the data on computers and laptops as well. The hidden spy app comes with an advanced feature to checking practically everything right from social media to ambient sound. 


If you have been someone who has been checking out the spy apps for smartphone, Spyic is one name that you would never have missed. It has been one of the most popular hidden spy apps and perhaps the first entry in any list that discusses the hidden spy apps for Android. A simple interface and clear design is what would make it a formidable choice by almost every count. 

The features available on Spyic let you spy on your kids, employees or even your spouse as well. One of the unique features that we liked is the display of all contacts stored on the target device. It can even find the messages from the instant messengers such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, and Snapchat. One of the features that would make it one of the excellent options is that it offers you advanced monitoring processes. The popularity of the app should be evident with the fact that it was featured on platforms such as Wired, Tech Advisor, Mashable, The Next Web and Life Hacker. 


The second on our list, FlexiSPY is an excellent spy solution and one of the most powerful spy solutions ever. You can turn your phone into a video camera or a camcorder. What makes it a great choice is it would help you with advanced features without the need to root your phone. A few of the features offered by FlexiSPY would include notification, keylogger, and access to call logs. 

FlexiSPY lets you intercept, listen to and record the live calls on the target device. It can even record the VOIP calls from services such as Skype, Facebook, Viber, and more of them. Apart from offering you a web portal to detect the activities on the target device, you also have the options to check them out on the mobile app specifically created for the purpose. A no hassle installation on the target device sums up the capability of the spy service on Android. 


Cocospy is yet another practical and effective hidden spy app for Android. What makes it a good choice for you share of spy apps is that it is entirely free to use. One of the most lightweight products, it can work stealthily and thus cannot be detected. One of the best factors that makes it a perfect option is that it isn’t heavy on your battery. 

The larger user community is yet another plus point that would make it one of the preferred hidden spy apps on an Android. You can get tips and solutions to your problems with the apps or otherwise through the well balanced community. The app can let you social media messages, call records, GPS location and even browser history.  The best part is it does not need you to root your device. 


Hoverwatch is one wonderful app that has redefined the concept of hidden spy apps on Android. Whether you want to keep a watch on your kids or your employees, it provides you with a complete set of features you have always looked for. One of the features we loved with the spy app is it provides you with a regular fee of screenshots of the target device from time to time. 

The ability of the Hoverwatch app to use the front camera of the phone to take pictures of the surroundings without the knowledge of the user lets you know the whereabouts of your kid in real-time. That apart, it can also scan and find the chats being exchanged on almost all instant messengers and social media accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. You can even peek into the contact list of the target device to find whom your kind in contact with. 


This is yet another hidden spy app for Android that began the trend of spy apps for smartphones. That should perhaps explain why the list of the best hidden spy apps for Android would not be complete without the mention of mSpy. While the app lets you check out the images and other details stored on the target phone, it also provides a real-time input into other social media interaction such as  Kik, WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, Line, and Tinder. 

The app can also make use of GPS to help you know about the whereabouts of your kids or employees. You can even create a geofencing area and get an alert whenever your kid crosses the geofence limit. The keylogger feature is yet another added advantage that would help you get the typing habits of your kid. 


If you are looking for the advanced features for the best hidden spy apps on Android, you will find Appmia one of the excellent options to go with. Despite being an expensive option, you would it providing you access to an advanced set of features. A dual device tracking functionality would further make it one of the most preferred options ever. 

You can view all the multimedia messages that include WhatsApp or any other social media app on your target device. Of course, you can go with the free version of the product if you are not willing to spend money on the spy product, but the free version does lack in a host of features. Recording the voice calls and GPS tracking functionality should be what would make it one of the prominent options you would want to go with. 

Kiddie Parental Control 

Previously known as Heimdall Parental Control, the app has been one of the prime options for your needs in keeping a tab on the activities of your kids. One of the newest breeds of the spy apps, it is specially designed for keeping a tab on the children’s phones. A few of the worthy features offered by the program would include blocking app installations, limited call duration, parental filters for sensitive content, and monitoring your child’s device network activity.

You can introduce a time limit on the use of the installed apps, or even completely block them from being used. You can even filter the network requests and thus block the unwanted content from being accessed. It can even place a filter on YouTube usage. 

Well, those were a few exciting options for the best possible experience in opting for the best hidden spy apps on Android. All the apps featured above are top-notch with their functions and features. Of course, a few of them would need your phone to be rooted. 

Choose the one that best meets your needs, and share your thoughts with us.

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