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Best iPhone spy apps

With the unprecedented growth in the technology, it has been quite possible to know the whereabouts of almost all your family members without actually following them up. However, when it comes to spying on the iPhone or for that matter any iOS device – it can be a little a difficult task as such.

In fact, iOS is one of the most secure ecosystems and that is one of the reasons why your spy app needs to be utterly capable and robust in every nature. Having understood that, we will now move on to check out the best iPhone spy apps in 2018.

Best iPhone Spy Apps in 2019

Spy apps tend to help you take care of your family and find out about their whereabouts and the other activities that they are involved in. You have several spy apps available for iPhone, but only a few of them will live up to your expectation. The apps help you track and have access to one’s emails, call logs, social media logs and a host of other details.

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The spy apps should be much helpful for your needs no matter whether you are n relationships, employers who need to keep an eye on your employees, or even someone who is looking ahead to check out someone important. Monitor all their activities with ease – thanks to these spy apps.


Xnspy is a leading iPhone spy app in the market and rightly so. It offers a wide range of monitoring features to the users. It lets you in on everything ranging from text messages, call logs, and emails to locations, instant messenger chats, locations, and a lot more.

Xnspy records information in real-time. The best part? It does not require you to jailbreak the iPhone you want to keep tabs on. You just need the iCloud credentials to sync the app with the device.

The app works in hidden mode, and there is no way of the phone owner finding out about it. It is smooth and works seamlessly on all iOS versions without slowing down the device. Since iOS 12.4, numerous spy tools lost their edge, but not Xnspy. It remains one out of the dwindling number of spying apps that are compatible with both new and old versions while remaining well within budget.

Here are some of the best features of Xnspy:

  • You can record the surroundings using the ambient surrounding feature.
  • The GPS location tracking feature, along with geofencing, lets you create virtual boundaries so you can know when the phone user enters or exits certain areas.
  • The app offers many remote functions such as call and ambient recording, remote data wipe, device lock, shutting down the device, and live screenshots.
  • The not-so-tech-savvy people could get assistance regarding installation from the customer support.


mSpy is possibly one of the most popular spy apps available on iPhone. Also available on Android, they have one of the excellent parental control features.

The ease of use is what should make it a great choice. You just need to install it on the target’s phone and that is all you would do. Install and activate it using your license code. You would then be able to track all the activities straightaway on the online portal of the service.

The online portal on mSpy would help you access a host of information including text messages, GPS location, WhatsApp and other messaging services. In fact, it also comes with a host of advanced features as well, some worthy mentions being social media tracking, keylogger and several other features.

A few great features included within the tool include

  • It has access t excellent parental control options. You can block access to unwanted websites and phone numbers. You can also control the apps that your kids can have access to.
  • The app does not need your phone to be jailbroken. This will be one of the best options as you do not need to sacrifice the security of your iPhone
  • Keylogger can be one of the greatest options available on mSpy. You should find ever keystroke that has been pressed. Possibly a good option to find the passwords.


This is yet another excellent option for spying on your target phone with ease. A full-featured phone tracker for your iPhone, it would offer you all the features that you have come to expect from iPhone spy software.

Some of the features you would appreciate on the spy app include call tracking, location tracking, recording the phone calls and remote locking functionalities. Parental control features available on the tool are at par with the most of the competing options among the top end iPhone spy apps.

A few features you would love with the software include

  • You can block access to several apps and tools on the target phone. These include contacts, websites and apps. You can blacklist or whitelist a few numbers depending upon the exact needs.
  • If you have kids, you can restrict the access to all or a few activities on the phone for specific durations. You can allow only a few operations or block the access to the complete phone.
  • Geofencing should be one of the areas that the tool can be of specific usefulness. You can specify a particular area and get alerted whenever the phone enters or exits the particular geofencing.
  • You may also set up keyword filters so that you would get alerted whenever profanity is used on the phone.

PhoneSheriff is an excellent professional level phone tracking solution you can use for protecting your family. It offers you more parental control options than most of the other competing apps.

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Auto Forward

If you are looking for one of the excellent iPhone spy apps that would not need jailbreaking your device, Auto Forward is an excellent one you can go with. You just need to have access to the Apple ID and password of the target phone and the software takes care of the rest of the activities.

You can have access to all the information about the target phone in your account within minutes. No need for jailbreaking makes it a great choice for all your needs.

Some excellent features that the tool comes with include

  • You can have access to all the text messages and phone calls from your target iPhone available on your account.
  • It can access all the texts from a host of instant messengers including WeChat, WhatsApp, iMessage and a good deal of other apps.
  • The spy app can monitor the browsing details from safari browser with ease.
  • You can also have access to the real-time GPS location of the target device.
  • The tool can review and monitor all the outgoing and incoming emails from the iCloud email account of the target iPhone.

The software works seamlessly across all your iOS versions and iPhone models. Track all your phone calls with ease.


One of the excellent phone spy tools for iPhone, the FlexiSpy should ideally be one of the most feature rich and capable software by any standard. The tool is available both on Android and iOS, but if you want to use the tool, you would need to jailbreak your iPhone.

One of the excellent features that we liked with the FlexiSpy app is the functionality of call Interception which means you would be able to record an ongoing call. One of the easy applications you can use for spying purposes, it keeps running in the background and records all the user activities. The tool lets you spy on calls, instant messengers, GPS location, text messaging, emails and app usage.

A few features that would make it a great choice would include

  • Live call interception that lets you record and listens to the ongoing calls can be a great feature in itself. It is one of the features available on select spy apps for iPhone.
  • You can record all the outgoing and incoming phone calls on your target phone.
  • One of the excellent functionalities that we loved the most of with the tool is it lets you record the surroundings of your surroundings. Just activate the microphone remotely on the target phone and record what’s happening around your target.
  • Remote camera functionality is one of the excellent functionality that would make it a great choice.

The FlexiSpy app comes with almost all the features you would love to find on your favorite iPhone spy apps. Of course, apart from the fact that you need to jailbreak your phone – it is a great tool you can make use of.


PhoneSpector is one of the best phone spy apps you would find whether you are on Android or iOS. In fact, it has been one of the affordable options for all your needs and the app has been adjudged the best cell phone spy apps on iPhone in 2018. Apart from being a great spy app on your iPhone, it is also an excellent backup and recovery software.

Installing and using the tool on your target iPhone should be the easiest option in every right. If you are stuck in any case, you can be assured of excellent customer care support. The affordability factor is what we liked the most with the tool.

A few features we would consider worthy of mentioning would include

  • The tool lets you access all the social media activities of your target device. You can have access to the target’s Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp accounts without hassles
  • The software can access all the text messages – whether incoming or outgoing. In fact, you would be able to access even the deleted messages with ease.
  • The data backup feature available n the tool should double it up as the best data recovery tool as well.
  • Access the web browsing history on the target phone with a few simple steps.
  • Real-time GPS tracking should aid you to have access to the current location of the tool anytime anywhere.

The app works in a stealth mode and your target will never come to know that the tool is installed on their phone.

Concluding Thoughts

We would assume that the iPhone Spy apps we have featured here should help you achieve the tasks you are looking forward to. We have made sure that we have listed all the best options available in the realm of iPhone Spy software tools. We are confident that we have made your life easy by narrowing down the options you have at your disposal.

Choose the tool that best meets your needs and share your thoughts with us through the comments here below.


  1. My teens often tend to go beyond when using their devices. If i tell them no, they’ll often do it it. i often have to keep tabs on them just to know where their are. xnspy has been a reliable companion since last summers. No second guessing now where my kids are.

  2. The customer service is just whack! I could not installl xnspy and got a guide and tech support to help me with the whole setup. A satisfied customer. Would recommended it 10/10.


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