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Animation films, or animes as they are popularly known as have ceased to be just the children’s favorite. There are animations that cater to a wide range of audience these days, and thus we have several people looking for the best performing animes around the globe.

From that perspective, KissAnime has been one of the hot favorites for almost age groups. However, if you are an anime fan and checking out the best KissAnime alternatives, we are glad to present you a wonderful list of best options through this post. 

KissAnime Site closed?

Well, before we can move ahead and explore the KissAnime alternatives, we thought it would be a great option to check out what exactly is KissAnime. This will perhaps let us look for the best features in our list of best alternatives for KissAnime to watch Anime. 

Due to copyright violations or Govt restrictions, you are often greeted with the site is closed or unable to reach KissAnime kind of notice. Also, the site owner often changes the website extension to avoid from these, seems like the latest one which is working is

KissAnime has been considered to be one of the most popular and outstanding animation movies streaming service across the world. The service does offer a huge range of animation shows spread across multiple genres. Apart from the content that it offers, KissAnime also provides you access a user-friendly menu and an enhanced content library.

Kissanime alternatives

You can find the best animation shows with English subtitles and dubbing. The shows are available in a perfect HD quality and set to improve the levels of your animation viewing experience. 

Best KissAnime Alternatives in 2019

Having understood what is exactly KissAnime and how does it cater to the animation lovers, here are the best KissAnime alternatives you can check out. Of course, KissAnime may be the best, but you may be looking for some sort of change or a varied experience or maybe you have some issues with KissAnime.  Whatever be the reason, the list of the best KissAnime alternatives here should assist you to achieve the best results in terms of an excellent animation extravaganza. 


You can visit the service at –

AnimeFreak has been an excellent KissAnime alternative, thanks to a vast library of shows offered on it in a perfect HD quality. And what makes it even the best you can go with is the fact that it is free to access and view your content. You do not need a registration or signing up on the service to be able to access the content on it. 

With over 10000 anime titles, it should ideally be the best source of anime entertainment for most of you fans. One of the best features we loved the most with the app was it lists out all the episodes of your favorite shows and follow the entire series in one go. Moreover, the site speed is impressive enough, and we have not come across any situation we found it hanging or buffering. 

Similar to watching Anime, you can also watch TV shows & movies, though Primewire is the best in that, we also covered the best price wire alternatives to watch Tv Shows, Movies etc.

Anime Planet 

You can visit and enjoy the site here –

The service lists both old and newer animes. The best part of the streaming service is it lets you enjoy the best animes through the organization of the titles based on several parameters right on the home page. Some unique categorizations include Popular Anime This week, Newest Recommendation and a few other filtering options. 

One of the issues you would be annoyed with would be the pop-ups and ads. However, given the free nature of the service, this is what you should be ready to cope up with. One of the latest entrants in the realm of animation streaming services, Anime-Planet was launched in 2001.

The site also features the reviews for the shows you would want to watch. In fact, the site also features communities where you can befriend the likeminded anime lovers and have a discussion about the animes and share recommendations for the best animes. 


If you are interested, you can check them out at

The anime streaming service was launched in 2006 and has been one of the hot favorites for the wide range of fans around. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that the service is not limited to animes alone. The multi-language support is yet another advantage that you stand to gain with Crunchyroll and make it one of the strongest contenders for the list of the best KissAnime alternatives. 

The site lists the officially licensed content spread across multiple genres. Crunchyroll promises you the content spread across 25000 episodes and around 15000 hours of exceptional quality of animes. However, there is a little difference in the pricing structure that the site provides you access to.

It works on a freemium model, where some of the content is available for free, while most others can be viewed on payment of subscription fees. But, since the service offers you only the licensed content, that should be the right option for ensuring no piracy. 


You should be able to find it on

GoGoAnime has been a great option for your animation pleasure and can rightly be considered to be an excellent option for all your needs in the best of the animation viewing experiences. Right from the oldest of the animation shows, the newest ever options, you can have everything under the GoGoAnime. However, the site has been facing issues in recent times and has been found to be suffering outages and shifting to different domains. 

The streaming service lists the animation titles in the alphabetical order and can thus provide you with an easy means to locate your favorite show. The versatility and flexibility that the site offers you are really wonderful. You can check out the multiple servers for the same show if one of them does not work for any reason. 


You can check the site out at

9Anime has been one of the best options to go with, especially when you are looking for the download option for the shows. One of the most trusted and reliable options for anime shows, the site has over 26000 titles gracing its library. If any of your shows are not available, you can put up a request for the show through a specific request form. 

The streaming service also lets you enjoy the shows in a high definition format. You can watch the shows dubbed into English if you love the foreign animation series. You can even enjoy the trending series through a specific tab dedicated for trending animation series. The quick filters let you choose your favorite old-time movies as well. You can also have a look at the upcoming releases as well through a bottom scroll. 


Thee streaming service can be accessed through

Are you a fan of the animation shows right from Japan? The Animelab is the perfect choice for your needs. What the Japanese animation titles right in the best possible HD clarity. The service lists a wide range of shows across genres and can work with practically any of your browsers – mobile browsers included.

The service can also be accessed through a host of options like  Xbox One, PlayStation, Samsung TV, and Telstra TV, Apple TV, google chrome cast, Apple airplay, and Foxtel Now box. 

The service does not crawl other websites for the content but offers you the shows in a direct partnership from Japan. Of course, that makes it work in a freemium model. You will have access to just a few shows in the free variant. For the more popular series, you would need to go with the premium account. The content is indeed worth the attempt. You have access to any anime content and can be your one-stop solution for anything anime. 


Get access to the world-class animation shows through Chia-Anime through

KissAnime fans consider Chia Anime as an excellent alternative. It offers you an excellent collection of anime shows, and you can access all of them for free. There is a wide range of collections with plenty of anime shows, videos, and other related shows. You can get the shows both with English dubbing or subtitles. It features most of the popular Japanese anime shows for you. 

The interface may be something KissAnime fans may not be happy enough with. Yet another issue you would face with the service can be overly done annoying ads. However, being a free anime shows streaming service, that should be the only option for them to earn and keep the service running. Even then, a high amount of ads can be a little irritating. In addition to letting you stream your favorite shows, you can also download them as per your choice. 

In Conclusion

Those were a few great options if you are looking for an excellent anime streaming service. If you have been a KissAnime fan and looking for the perfect option for an alternative to KissAnime, the list of the best services listed here should meet most of your requirements. 

Check them out and share your thoughts with us through the comments here. 

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