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5 Best Kodi alternatives For Free Streaming 【2020】

Kodi has been a great option if you have been looking for a media player with streaming capabilities. In fact, Kodi is an option not only for media consumption but the fact that it lets you enjoy the best ever video content from all parts of the world makes it an excellent option and one of the most searched tools by netizens around the world. But, what if you have not been able to have access to Kodi for any reasons? Here are the best Kodi alternatives you can give a thought to.

Kodi – What Is It and What Is So Special About It?

Kodi is an open source and free media player. The service is available on multiple platforms including Android, Windows, and iOS. The tool is meant for organizing media content and manage them effectively across almost all genres of media files you would want to work with.

The Media player is capable of managing your videos, music, podcasts directly from the internet. The high-end customization that it offers makes it one of the excellent choices for your day to day needs in media consumption. The considerably innumerable number of add-ons that the service comes with should make it your one-stop solution for consuming all sort of media from across the globe.

Best Kodi Alternatives

Kodi is indeed the best media service you can go with. However, there could be some reasons you may not be comfortable with Kodi. Or it could be such that you would want to experiment with the alternatives available for Kodi. Whatever be your reason, Kodi does have a host alternatives to choose from.

Kodi Alternatives

Here is the list of best alternatives you can go with. Choose the one that would suit your needs the most.


Plex has been considered to be one of the best alternatives to Kodi. The client-server architecture is what would make it the best option you can go with. In fact, the client-server architecture should help you stream the content from your local storage to multiple devices over the network. And yes, you can stream content to multiple devices simultaneously.

Plex can be your perfect option for streaming locally stored content. It also comes with a home theatre application as well. The immersive user interface is yet another perfect feature to make it one of the great choices for media streaming.


Just the way, Kodi has several add-ons to serve its users, Plex comes with a great collection of channels. You should be able to watch a variety of streaming content on the go with a variety of topics you can choose from. What makes it an excellent choice is the fact that it can even work on a low powered PC.

The service does come with a media streaming service that would let you stream your local content to different devices. The basic functionality is free, while you can opt for additional features on the Pro version.

Availability – Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Desktop); iOS, Android, Windows Phone (Mobile), Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, PlayStation (Others)

If you have some trouble installing Kodi on Roku devices, check out this installation guide of Kodi On Roku devices.


It may not be full of features as Kodi or a few on this list. Nevertheless, it does amuse you with a host of features that would make it a good Kodi alternative.

The Digital Video Recording (DVR) functionality should be the best feature that the service comes with. It lets you easily watch, schedule, and record live TV. There are a few plugins to make it almost equivalent to Kodi. The plugins are useful in watching a host of online content. You also have access to internet radio stations as well. The service lets you play media files from Blu Ray and DVDs with ease.


In fact, it is a forked version of XBMC and thus shares a common bonding with Kodi. MediaPortal supports a huge range of TV Tuners. However, if you are looking for a multi-platform compatibility, you would be in for a disappointment. The service is available only on Windows and has no options available for any other platform as such. They used to have remote control apps for other platforms, but now they have ceased to exist. Lack of multiple platform compatibility can be a concern for many of Kodi fans.

Availability- Windows


OSMC, or Open Source Media Center, is the new entrant in the arena of music streaming services. It does come with a host of features and can definitely an alternative to Kodi.

OSMC can play the media stored on local storage, as also it can also stream content from the local network attached storage. In fact, the application is based on Kodi itself. That should make it quite similar to Kodi in most aspects. It can, in fact, be treated as a special Linux distribution from Kodi.


OSMC can work with a bunch of TV tuners and WiFi adapters with ease. It is currently available for Apple TV and Raspberry Pi. A web-based portal has been planned and that should make it a great option for other platforms quite soon.

As for add-ons, all the add-ons you have been using with Kodi would work seamlessly with OSMC as well. Since it is based on Kodi itself, you should have no issues of any compatibility.

Availability – Apple TV (1st Generation), Raspberry Pi, Vero


Emby is something that would more be equivalent to Plex in most of its features. It does offer all the features that Plex provides you sans the proprietary software components.

Like Plex, Emby is also built on a client-server technology. It can be used to stream the locally stored content through the internet. The service does offer you a live TV functionality to some extent. It also lets you indulge in DVR recordings as well. One of the features that we liked the most would be the availability of parental controls. Folder Sync and Cloud Sync are the two features that would make it an interesting option.


Emby does offer a web-based UI to edit metadata and subtitles. You should be able to stream the content to a DLNA compatible device. The application features a Kodi Add-On as well. This should help you get the Kodi styled media management on Emby. There are Emby apps available for several mobile platforms and gaming consoles. In fact, Emby comes with separate services specialized for multiple devices. TV apps is an option that has wider support including Samsung Smart TV, Android TV and other similar devices.

Availability – Windows, Mac OS X, Linux (Desktop); iOS, Android, Windows Phone (Mobile), Android TV, Roku, Chromecast, Xbox, Samsung Smart TV (Others)


Looking to have access to movies, TV shows and other content from different platforms? Stremio can be your best alternative to Kodi.

The service lets you create your own personal library to store all your favorite content. You also have access to cast and subtitles as well. The sync service should let you sync all your content across multiple devices and platforms. The multi-platform compatibility is one of the features that would make it an excellent Kodi alternative for your needs.


The Linvo Database is a feature that lets you arrange and synchronize the data across all your devices. The notification feature is an added advantage that would alert you whenever new episodes to your favorite shows are available. The lightweight and a stream of features should indeed make it one of the excellent choices when you are looking for the best Kodi alternatives.

Availability – Mac, Linux, and Windows.

Other Alternatives

Terrarium TV is a great alternative for Kodi if you are an Android user. It is an Android app for TV shows and Movies. You would be able to watch or download TV content in HD quality.

Universal Media Server is your best source for streaming to DLNA compatible devices. Simple UI and an easy setup would make it one of the great options you can go with. The Java-based application is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux.

Before We Conclude

Kodi has indeed been the best service when it comes to your media consumption and streaming requirements. In fact, it has been treated as one of the most popular – if not the best- media software currently available. It has risen to the level it was because of the best features that it offers it, users. Multiple add-ons, multiple devices, and platform compatibilities and a great online community support are a few Features that should set it apart from the most other contemporaries.

Having said that, it should also be noted that some of us may be looking for alternatives to Kodi. You may have your own reasons for it. However, the alternatives should have at least a few features that you would have grown familiar with on Kodi. Our emphasis while compiling this list has been on having as many Kodi features as possible. We assume the alternatives outlined here should appeal to your needs.

Do let us know which one among those featured made you opt for them. Share your views, opinions and experiences with these Kodi alternatives. This can go a long way in helping others in making a learned choice.

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