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Best Linux data recovery tools

If you are a laptop or PC user, taking care of your data should be the most important task on your mind. Safeguarding the data is what is the most needed precautionary measure. Your hard drive may crash any time for any reason. Will it not be horrible just to think about all your valuable data being lost without a scope to recover it?

No need to worry on that count. There are Linux data recovery tools available. The tools vary by the operating system being used.

What exactly is Data Recovery?

Data Recovery can be defined as extracting and managing the data from a corrupted, damaged or inaccessible storage media. The drive in this context is not usable in the usual way. You will need to extract as much data as possible and store it on a separate storage medium.

Data recovery is performed on a broad range of storage media like physical drives, hard drives, CDs, DVDs or SSDs. The technique may need to be used when your drive fails due to physical damage or other software glitches.

8 Best Linux Data Recovery Tools

Linux Data Recovery Tools


Knoppix is the most widely used Data Recovery Tool for Linux. It is designed to be used as a Live CD option. However, there is also an option for installing it on a hard disk just as you would do it for a standard application.

The software comes in a bootable CD version. The interface is quite user-friendly. You can mount a drive a and copy the data recovered to it. Knoppix has support for almost all Linux commands. The tool is capable of copying the files from remote operating systems. As such, it would be advisable to use the bootable CD option instead of installing the software into the system or using another operating system.

The tool has been made available in two variants. The regular CD version has about 700 MB of data, while the DVD version labelled Maxi has software with data up to 5 GB.  Knoppix comes with over 100 software packages in the CD version, while the DVD version has over 2600 packages included.

You may download the software from the link

Avira Rescue System

Avira Rescue System comes with its Linux-based Operating system. As such, it does not need to depend on the OS version of the PC on which you are about to use it.

The tool is an open source utility. It can easily scan the data on your system or the corrupted/damaged drive. It is a bootable antivirus application in essential. However, it can be used to scan and fix unbootable and damaged system areas of your PC.

It is not a data recovery tool in the strict sense of the word, but it can help in making your unbootable PC workable. It just boots your system into antivirus thereby removing malware and restoring the normal boot operations.

You can get Avira Rescue System from the link

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Gparted Live

This is yet another tool that can run in a bootable CD mode. Provided as part of the larger GParted application, GParted Live is capable of multiple data recovery operations.

GParted Live works with most of the media. You can use it to recover data from SATA, SDE and SCSI hard drives or flash memory devices like SSDs and USB memory sticks. The software has support for all sector sizes.

GParted Live offers you many data recovery functions. It can recover data from the lost partitions. You may also use it to recreate partitions.

Get GParted Live from

SystemRescue CD

The System Rescue CD is available in the form of a bootable CD or can also be used as a USB stick option. The software has compatibility for both Linux and Windows.

The tool provides you some data recovery options like rescuing your data, removing and recreating partitions, testing your hard disk and other tasks. Some of the tasks that the tool can handle are

  • Partitioning and repartitioning disks with support for FAT32 and NTFS formats.
  • Editing disk partitions.
  • Recovering lost partition and data thereof.
  • Creating boot disks


The System Rescue CD supports two types of bootloaders vizGRUB and SYSLINUX.

The software can be downloaded from the link

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 Trinity Rescue Kit

Trinity Rescue Disk is a tool that can be deployed as a bootable CD or USB. The tool has the sole aim of rescue and recovery operations.

TRK, as it was known widely, has a straightforward and easy to use interface. There is a full read and write capability along with support for recovery from lost partitions and evacuation of dying disks.

Trinity Rescue Kit is open source Linux distribution. It is available as a free download. The tool has different third party utilities for various operations such as recovering data, repairing lost data, resetting passwords, detection of viruses, etc.

The software has many high-end capabilities like auto updating of if used as CD-RW and editing partitions and their layouts. The tool is best suited for Windows and Unix based systems.

That would be my Top Five list of Data Recovery Tools for Linux. There are many more tools that can be quite helpful in repairing or recovering your Linux based systems. Some them have been outlined here below.

Disk Doctors

It is one of the popular Linux data recovery systems. It does support almost all types of Linux distribution networks. Some of the great mentions are Redhat Linux, Suse Linux, Mandriva Linux, Ubuntu Linux, Caldera Linux, Slackware Linux, Gentoo Linux and Kubuntu Linux.

It can easily recover data from Linux EXT 2 and EXT 3 file systems.

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The tool comes with a highly customizable interface. It lets you have total control over the data recovery process. The tool is capable of recovering data from the trash if accidentally deleted. It can recover files that have been corrupted due to virus attack or caused by certain unforeseen circumstances like a power failure.

Get it from


The tool has been designed as a means of copying data from one location to another. The tool has an automated running, so you will not need to wait till it displays an error It is a handy tool if your hard drive has been getting corrupted quite frequently.

The download link is available at

Parting Thoughts

Protecting your personal data should be your primary task if you depend on your PC or laptop for the daily tasks – either personal or professional. The tools featured above should be your perfect mates in handling the crisis in cases of crashes that render your device or data inaccessible. Do share your views on the Linux Data Recovery tools outlined above. If you use any other software that does a perfect job, feel free to share the information here as well.

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