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Best Nintendo DS Emulators for iOS

If you are a gaming freak, you would swear by the Nintendo DS, popularly known as NDS. Released way back in 2004, it has still retained its glory and has been treated by the gamers as the best console ever – whether from Nintendo or other players in the genre. This unprecedented success has been responsible for adding a host of games to the console.

Are you looking for the best Nintendo DS Emulators for your iOS device so that you can play those games seamlessly on your iPhone or iPad? Well, we realized this dream of every gamer out there and thought of sharing our top picks for the best NDS Emulators for iOS.

Best Nintendo DS Emulators for iOS

Well, the choice can indeed be a difficult one give a wide range of choices you have at your disposal for iOS DS emulator. However, we have handpicked the top best emulators that can help you carry your NDS games on your iPhone/ iOS Devices. Have a look at the best that we have featured here and choose the one that meets your needs.


The NDS4ios is indeed one of the most popular Nintendo DS Emulator for iOS. Of course, you would not be able to install it from the app store as you would do with most other apps, but you can indeed find it the best source for enjoying your favorite NDS titles on your iPhone.

One of the popular options available on iOS 7 and 8, it was later not supported on iOS 9.

NDS4iOS Emulator

You would be able to install & download NDS4iOS it using a few other options like TuTuApp, through the use of an IPA file or using any other alternative source. There are a few sites that would offer you the enterprise variant of the NDS4ios.

Of course, the performance is an excellent one as compared to the other entries in this compilation, but still, it can be a good option for playing your favorite NDS games in 2D. The 3D games tend to stutter and lag a little.

Check out the detail guide on how to download & install Kuaiyong app for iOS device.

iNDS Emulator

One of the best tweaks available on Cydia, it should ideally be the best Nintendo DS Emulator you can go with. It is an excellent option for enjoying your NDS games on your iPhone. Available on iOS devices running iOS 9 and above, the emulator will need a jailbroken device.

One of the rare options that can offer you a 60 fps functionality, iNDS is available only for the jailbroken iOS 9 devices.

iNDS Emulator

iNDS emulator can be a huge issue for some of us who are running an incompatible OS version. It would be noteworthy to point out that the emulator is based on the NDS4ios emulator and offers you almost all the functionalities on the latter. The emulator runs at full speed on all devices after the iPhone 5. Older devices with 256 MB RAM are not supported though. One of the factors that we love with the emulator is it has been going through a regular and constant update cycle.


Are you in awe of the Game Boy Advance games on your Nintendo DS? Well, in that case, GBA4ios should be your best friend. You can play your favorite Game Boy Advance games on your iPhone or iPad, thanks to the GBA4ios emulator.

GB4iOS emulator for iOS devices

It supports older games as well. The strength of the emulator lies in its simple functionality and speedy performance. The latest update to the emulator has added a few additional features like Cheats, AirPlay, Dropbox sync, and an additional optimization for iPad. With support for GB and GBC games, the GBA4ios is available through the open source code and has been receiving fairly good updates additional features through the active community.

The recent update has added the support for iPhone X display Some other features worth the mention include Multiplayer Support, Controller Skins, URL Scheme, GBC and GB Support, Dropbox Support and Cheat Codes and the Save States.

Delta Emulator

If you have updated your iPhone to iOS 10.3 and find none of the emulators works on your device, here is good news for you. Delta Emulator – the new option in the realm of NDS emulators should help you gain back your control.

Delta Emulator supports a wide range of games and consoles than just the Nintendo DS. It includes a host of games and series including GBA4iOS, N64, Game Boy, Game Boy Color to name just a few. A few of the features that we loved with the Delta emulator include Free license, option to Save game anytime, Support for the Cheat Codes, Cloud Sync compatibility, Clean and easy to use user interface and customizable Controller skins.

Delta emulator for iOS

The Delta Emulator offers you support for a wider range of iOS devices with an impressive list of supported devices that includes iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 8s, iPhone 7, iPhone 7S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6S,iPhone 6Se, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S, iPhone 4S, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad Mini 3, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch.

Support for iOS 11 should be an advantage and in fact, do away the need for multiple emulators on your iPhone. However, if you have not yet updated your iPhone, it does come with support for iOS 10, iOS 9, iOS 8, and iOS 7.

Drastic DS Emulator

If you are looking for one of the simplest and faster means of playing the Nintendo DS games on your iPhone, Drastic DS Emulator could be the one emulator that you have long been searching for. One of the fastest updated emulators, you would find it adding new features and functionality almost on a regular basis.

Drastic DS iOS emulator

The emulator does come with MOGA support. One of the most user-friendly and reliable NDS emulators on iOS, it comes with several added features and benefits. Compatible with 3D, you would indeed love the excellent eye-catching video clarity provided by Delta emulator. The emulator offers you plenty of control options with the sync functionality with Gooogle Drive.

Concluding Thoughts

Well, those were a few iOS emulators that would provide you with an excellent option of playing your favorite Nintendo DS games on your iOS. Do note that if you own an Android device, a host of these emulators also have a special emulator option for the Android devices as well. Choose the best Emulator that suits your needs and enjoy your NDS games to your heart’s content.

Share your thoughts and experiences with the above emulators with us. Also, share your inputs about any other emulator you may have found useful.

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