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Best Password Manager apps for Android

This is the digital era and whatever we do in our day to day life has been entirely digitalised. It goes without saying that passwords play a significant role in your digital life. Managing your passwords is a tough task. If you have an easy password, you run the risk of making your account insecure.

And if you make it complicated, you may end up forgetting it. That is why password managers assume a great role to play. We will analyze a few best Password Manager Apps for Android in this post.

5 Best Password Manager Apps For Android

Best Password Manager Apps For Android

1Password – The best one

1Password remains to be one of the best options when it comes to best Password manager apps for Android. It combines the security with the ease of remembering your passwords.

Multiple device compatibilities is one of the features that should make 1Password the best app to opt for. It is one of the secure apps that offers you an AES 256 bit encryption. The app also has some advanced features like password generation, fingerprint security and cross-platform syncing. One of the features that inspired us is the unique keyboard that pops up when you are about to enter the login details and then loads the password and login details from the secure storage.

We would treat 1Password to be the ultimate standard when it comes to the best password manager apps for Android. The subscriptions plans too are quite affordable. The Android app has all the features you would expect from a password manager app. You can get it from Google Play Store.

Enpass – The simplest one

Enpass is a simple password manager app that does exactly what is expected of it. It has all the features you would want in your password manager. High-end encryption, password generation, fingerprint sensor – you name it, Enpass has it.
You do not need to pay any annual fees for the app.

That is what makes it stay apart from other password manager apps for Android. You pay an upfront fee, and that is all. There are no recurring charges of any sort. The premium version of the app lets you have access to the desktop version and its Chrome app as well. With Enpass, you store your passwords on your own cloud – any cloud service of your own choice – be it Google Drive, DropBox or One Drive.

It is a fully functional password manager for you at a lower price. Moreover, it also has a free version that works the best in case you do not wish to go for the premium version. You can get Enpass from Google Play Store here.

Dashlane – For the cost conscious

If you want a fully featured password manager app for only one of your devices, Dashlane would be your best bet. It is available for free if you opt for it for only one device. If you want cross-platform sync, you will need to pay the subscription charges.

The well-known password manager ensures the safety of your data as it uses the AES 256 bit encryption. It also features cross-device syncing (across Mac, Windows and Android) and on-device password generation. The app can also save other sensitive data like your credit card numbers, IDs and other notes that you want to keep secure.

Dashlane also offers its own keyboard so that you can auto fill the fields. You can also log into your Dashlane account and check your passwords manually, and then copy- paste them into the website pages as you wish to. The app does not allow taking screenshots which again is a welcome feature.

In essence, Dashlane is best suited for those who want a secure password manager app without having to spend for the features. Moreover, the free version lets you enjoy premium features for 30 days so that you can get a feel of the premium features if you plan to go premium later. Head on to Google Play Store and download.

LastPass – The affordable

LastPass is the strong contender for the top spot along with 1Password. What makes it a little apart from the latter is the most competitive pricing.

The app comes with almost all the features that 1Password offers you. Cross-device syncing, encrypted storage, fingerprint unlock and password generation are some of the features that will set it at par with the competition. It also offers you family sharing with its Family Folder.

If a low-cost subscription plan for the advanced features is what you need, we would advise you to opt for LastPass. You can also choose to go with the free plan if you want password management only for your phone. For more details click here.

Keeper – The Veteran

Keeper is one of the oldest apps in the genre of password manager apps for Android. However, it has not lost its charm with the newer apps.

The keeper does all the tasks you expect from a password manager app and then it does something you would not expect. It features some specific functions you may not find in the other apps in the same genre. The features include double encryption, two-factor authentication and data protection.

Apart from being a password manager app, it also doubles up as a secure vault for your Android. You can use it to save your photos and videos as private so that no one will have access to the files. You can auto-destruct the files in case of an emergency. The app can also be used to fingerprint protect all your data.

If you are interested and would want to give it a try, you can get the app from Google Play Store.

The final thoughts

That was what we have with respect to your our top picks for the Password Manager apps for Android. We have made an attempt at including the apps in such a way that we could present an app for all the genres of consumers. If you are using any of the featured password manager apps, we will welcome you to share your experiences with us.

If you are still undecided about whether to use a password manager, our advice would be to go with alt least one of them. It is indeed worth the effort.

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