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Best PC Speakers under $200 ( 2016 Edition )

We may spend thousands on building and configuring our desktops, but one thing that goes out of mind and often overlooked are Computer Speakers. Good news is that you can definitely get a few good quality speakers in just around $200. Let us find out a few of those awesome best PC speakers under $200.

8 Best PC Speakers under 200 Dollars

Best PC Speakers under 200 Dollars

1.Creative Gigaworks T40 Series II

Creative Giga Works PC Speakers

They do appear quite big with their height and depth, but Creative has indeed been creative with the design – thereby making it the best option in getting the best of b both worlds. It won’t consume much space, yet give you good performance and occupy lesser space.

There isn’t a subwoofer here too, but Creative uses its patented BasXPort technology that improves the low-frequency response without even the need for a subwoofer.

The speaker can be connected to your smartphone to listen to the tracks stored on it. It comes with an aux to aux cable and a dual RCA to TV cable. The speakers also have a provision for connecting headphone jacks. Get your the Gigaworks speakers on at just $112.



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2. Logitech Z623

Logitech Home PC Speakers

The Logitech Z623 speaker system comes with 2.1 speakers and provides an enormous 200 Watt sound capacity. The 3.5 mm jack and RCA connectivity are quite accessible. The controls are available on the right speaker.

The speakers are THX certified. What that means is you will get the same quality of sound quality as has been conceptualised and produced by the artist or the composer. This is actually the best gaming speaker for the gaming expert in you.

If you have space constraints, it could be an issue to use these speakers. They are quite huge, but good quality sound can be something that could force you into making sacrifices.

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3. Audioengine A2+

Audio Engine A2

This is one of the best 2.0 speaker systems that is capable of producing a full range of sound. They could appear a little expensive in comparison to the traditional 2.1 speaker systems, but Audioengine A2+ does appeal with its durability and quality.

The speakers come with a 3.5 mm audio input along with RCA input options. It also has USB DAC as well, making it a versatile option when it comes to great features. When looking at the speakers that have a 60 Watt output capacity, you may not expect a great performance in terms of volume and audio quality. But, surprisingly enough – the speaker does produce a great sound experience with far reaching stereo sound.

The speakers do not perform any sort of digital processing, and thus can be the best option for those in love with the pure, unadulterated sound. The DSP – Digital Signal Processing – can appear to improve the bass by introducing artificial bass, but the quality could be far from being natural.

Some of the features that may go against it are the little higher cost (in spite of the speakers being a 2.0 system), low level of bass and the placement of volume knob a the rear.

You can buy it at $249 from Audioengine A2+ speakers from The price may appear a little more than what our title indicates, but the speakers have been included in the list considering the best sound quality they offer.

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4. Harman Kardon Soundsticks III 2.1

Harmon Kardon SoundStick

Well, this can be used for the dual purpose – as computer speakers and as a style statement. The translucent colors with the fibre plastic material make it a great showpiece in addition to being a good quality speaker.

The satellite speakers have a stick like an appearance with touch-controlled buttons. The beautifully designed speakers produce awesome sound. The Harman Kardon Soundsticks III 2.1 has 3.5mm jacks as the lone connectivity option. Lack of RCA port can be a disappointment for some of you. However, the design of the speakers would definitely impress you.

The 40 Watt speakers deliver a good volume range. The sound output is balanced enough. The Harman Kardon Soundsticks III 2.1 also comes with a Bluetooth supported variant, but will cost a little more.

Buy the speakers on at $149.

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5. Grace Digital GDI-BTSP201

Grace Digital GDI

These are in fact HiFi bookshelf speakers that try to be posing as PC speakers. The control buttons are positioned on top of the left speaker and thus prove to be convenient.

The speaker comes with an RCA port and an RCA to 3.5 mm jack converter. The speakers can work on Bluetooth 4.0 as well. That could be a great option as you don’t need to worry about the positioning of the speakers. Moreover, it can be connected to any device. However, the Bluetooth will switch off if no music is played for ten minutes.

The quality of output is quite satisfactory. The 36 Watt speakers deliver good frequency range. The bass is quite solid.

You may buy them at on at only $169.

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6.Definitive Technology Incline

Definitive Technologty

Minimalistic design is what makes it the best PC speaker for those who have space constraints. Simple looks with black color front and metal basis are what appears to make this speaker one should go for.

The 2.0 speaker system is a bit bulky in terms of weight. Definitive Technology has been into some audiophile grade systems for quite long now. Warmer sound and pleasing design make its superior purchase option for your needs. Initially launched at $400, the price has been brought down to under $200.

Definitive Technology has taken care not to make the simple design appear bland and thus has stricken a right chord.

Buy it from for $ 199.

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7. Klipsch ProMedia 2.1

Klipsch Promedia

If you are serious about bass and volume, this is your best choice. These heavy speakers look stylish and provide awesome audio performance. You get only 3.5 mm connections on it. Please note that there is no provision for any other additional connectivity option. The power button is missing, but you get access to other controls placed conveniently.

The speakers are THX certified and offer 200 Watts of power. Even at the highest volume level, the speakers don’t produce any distortion. It employs a heavy DSP. This gives rise to a feeling of being a little bassy.

You can get the speakers on at $ 167.

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8. Edifier R1700BT

Edifier R1700BT

With high user rating, Edifier R1700BT is arguably one of the most popular computer speakers under $200. It is a bookshelf speaker that can easily double up as PC speaker.

The best feature that lets it be a good PC speaker is the Bluetooth connectivity that can seamlessly connect with your PC, smartphone or any other device. Edifier R1700BT has good build quality and offers a total power output of 66 Watt.

Connectivity options out of the box are aplenty. You get a dual RCA to RCA cable, a dual RCA to stereo cable and a 3.5 mm audio cable in the standard sales package. There is also a provision for a remote to control Mute, Volume Up/Down and Bluetooth connectivity. Space can be a problem though as the speakers tend to occupy more space.

Buy it from only on

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That was a list of some Best PC speakers for under $ 200. Please note that this list is not exhaustive. There are much more options to go for as far as some good speakers for your PC are concerned. We would wish to get readers opinions on the possible alternatives for some of the great computer speakers. Share your views on the featured products above.

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