The Best Pet Tech for Pet Lovers

Technology has touched all aspects of our lives and provided us relief by introducing time-saving gadgets. Luckily, it did not forget to give solutions for pet owners’ problems as well. We analyzed the issues pet owners usually face and did research to provide them with some relief through these 5 tech pet gadgets. Whether it is tracking pets, giving them security, keeping them busy, or cleaning a litter box, we could use enlisted smart gadgets now for these purposes. Have a look!

Microchip Pet Door

When we ask pet owners this question, do you want to give your pet access to the outdoors? Most of them reply, “Yes, but with some limitations.” The common limitations are related to timing and pet security issues. Moreover, they resist keeping the house’s main door open because they also fear outdoor wildlife in their homes.

Ideally, they would have a pet door in their house that could only let their pet to enter the house as well as let them leave the house at specific times. Additionally, that tech door should be smart enough to block the entrance of outdoor wild animals. This technology exists now, as the microchip pet door is designed to fulfill these requirements.

The gadget registers pet identities based on their identification microchips. The range of identification chips, door size, and features vary according to price. It opens and closes after scanning the identified microchip or RFID collar tag when pets come across the door. The owners can set time limits regarding security concerns. 

Smart Collar

We could track people and cars from their smartphones. However, what about our lovely pets? Are we able to track them through applications as well? Yes! This smart collar lets you track your pet with GPS tracking. It looks like an ordinary collar, but it could prove to be a lifesaver for your pet. 

The smart collar keeps an owner updated about the pet’s location and activity. They are usually waterproof to accompany all of a pet’s adventures. Some accompanying apps let an owner know about the pet needs too. They also keep on suggesting various activities based on a pet’s age, breed, and size. 

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Smart collar’s primary functionality is to able tracking of a pet. It may include other features like skipping safe zone alert or wellness needs etc. Their prices vary accordingly.

Automatic Litter Box

Most of the pet owners face awkward moments in front of their guests because of dirty or smelly litter boxes. Have you ever considered having a pet, but the thought of washing their waste has turned you off? Well, now you do not have to wash them by yourself. No, we are not telling you to hire a helper for it.

Invest some cash in buying an automatic litter box. Some litter boxes act entirely like a toilet and flush everything automatically. Well, they are somewhat expensive as well, but there are various price options. There are comparatively cheap litter boxes that need little human interaction to replace the cartridge or roll the box over to get rid of animal waste. 

Automatic Laser Cat Toy

All cat owners know quite well how attention-seeking are these little creatures. They keep on poking us and demand attention while we are busy doing other work. What about distracting them? Yes, we know it is not an easy task, or it could hurt a cat’s ego.

However, what about a gadget that could keep on projecting laser patterns? An automatic laser cat toy can do this for you. It has a functionality to project multiple patterns on automatic mode to keep the cat curious. Contrarily, you could also control a projection manually. It is always fun observing a cat’s curiosity, chasing, and batting at the exciting laser patterns.

Many laser toys have the functionality to automatically turn off after 10-15 minutes to prevent cats from being over-stimulated and to keep things interesting for them. 

Pet Monitors

It hurts to stay away from pets. All pet owners know how our mind keeps on thinking about their pet’s safety and activities when they are away from vision. Thankfully, inventors of baby monitors understood pet owner’s emotions and invented this fantastic gadget.

This gadget gets connected to the accompanying smartphone app and let us monitor pets activities through live video. Moreover, it also allows owners to talk to them via a two-way radio. Some of them include laser functionality as well that keeps cats curious and prevents them from being bored. 

Now, you know tech gadgets are available in the market to resolve pet-related issues. Buy them and employ their services to make your life easier and provide more security for your pets. Which gadget fascinated you the most? And, if you are using them already, let us know your experience in the comments section.

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