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Best plex channels – Official & Unofficial for Streaming

Plex has been one of the best Kodi alternatives and has been your affordable version of Netflix and Hulu. Just the way Kodi has Add-ons, you also have Channels on Plex. Are you looking for the best Plex Channels for the best ever experience in movies and another kind of entertainment? This compilation should offer you a good deal of Plex channels – whether official or unofficial – akin to Kodi Add-ons.

Plex – What It is?

Plex is an online media player and a service that lets you stream content to multiple devices. You would also be able to stream content through a host of channels. There are several channels and they are diverse in nature.

The service works in a server-client architecture. The user interface would offer you an immersive performance at its best. In fact, Plex has been one of the best services you can use even on low powered devices.

So, without adding much information, we will move ahead to find the best channels for Plex.

Best Plex Channels

There are several Plex channels you can choose from. There are channels that would come under both categories – official and unofficial. Before you can use any of these channels, please ensure that you are using a good VPN service.

Plex channels

Comedy Central

Comedy Central has been one of the excellent Plex channels worth trying out. It does offer you several shows, though what would make it an excellent option is the fact that it has a good collection of old shows as well.

You can watch the new episodes in 720p, while the old shows are available in a lower resolution at 480p. The library is quite huge enough with almost all best shows on the service. With no need for setting up an account and no paid subscription, it should be the best option you can go with.

Funny or Die

Funny or Die is an internet comedy website. The show that has been produced by Will Ferrel and Adam McKay is one of the most popular in its genre.

The Funny or Die channel on Plex has all the shows right from the beginning. The category and easy browsing are what would make it one of the best options. The videos are hilarious at their best. It may not be the best in terms of functionality and usefulness.

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Plex has an option to the Plex cloud servers. However, if you do not want to pay for the subscription, it would be the excellent option to go to the unofficial Dropbox channel for Plex.

Create a Dropbox app for your account. Give it full access and that should do it. You would be able to download artwork and metadata with ease. Setting it up could be a little tougher as it is. However, once you have configured it up, it would serve all your purposes with ease. In fact, Dropbox would help you keep your files in the cloud. Isn’t that something wonderful? That is precisely why we have included it here in spite of it being an unofficial channel.


Spotify, if you are not aware of, is one of the best and popular music streaming services. The service lets you have access to over  30 million songs.

Yet again, Spotify does not offer you an official channel for Plex. However, you do have access to the unofficial channel that offers you access to all the services on Spotify. You can get the repository for the service on GitHub. Ensure that you have access to the premium account of Spotify. However, the channel should also work without the premium account though, but the functionality will be limited.

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FMoviesPlus is a treasure house for the movie buffs. It does come with a huge movie library that you would find enviable.

The service comes with a high-speed server. Get access to content in 1080p HD quality for all the shows you love. The cleaner, straightforward user interface combined with an excellent functionality would make it a numero uno option for all your needs in movies. The service has complete metadata so that you can have a better choice before actually deciding to opt for the shows of your shows.

Take Care – Use a VPN With Plex Channels

We mentioned it before, didn’t we? Featured above are just a few of the Plex channels you can use for the best ever experience with Plex. However, we would advise you to opt for a VPN service before you make a choice of your favorite Plex channels. Why? Here are the reasons.

Media streaming is what is likely to make you face issues with respect to copyright violation. The shows and content that you use with Plex channels may be copyright protected. If you do not want to be affected by the copyright rules prevalent in your region, it may be practical enough to opt for VPN.

A VPN service will also be able to provide you privacy. Using encrypted services like VPN would be the best when it has something to do with your privacy. Some of the Plex channels are locked to a specific region. Using a VPN service would be helpful in spoofing your country.  Isn’t that something wonderful?

In Conclusion

That is just a representative list of official and unofficial channels for your Plex service. If you think you would want to check out more than what we have provided here, do let us know and we will be sharing more Plex channels for your benefit.

We assume the channels featured here would work towards what you have been expecting. There are channels meant for specific purposes. Whatever be your preference, you can opt for the channels that meet your needs. And that is precisely what makes Plex and Plex Channels a wonderful performer for all your needs in media consumption.

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