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Best Primewire Alternatives

Online streaming services have been one of the most widely used media consumption options these days. The advanced internet availability and the options available at your disposal have been a few parameters that should make it a formidable option to enjoy your favorite movies, TV shows, and videos.

PrimeWire has been one of the best options from that perspective. However, the service is not accessible in most of the regions, and that has been one of the vast disappointments for most around us. At present, they seem to be running on domain, check it if it’s running in your region, if not then check out for alternative option listed below.

7 Best Primewire Alternatives to watch TV Shows, Movies Online

If you are movie connoisseur, and missing PrimeWire like nothing else, the compilation here should be an excellent option for you with similar sites like primewire.


Rainierland Movies have been one of the unique and most popular options for watching movies and a perfect option for a PrimeWire alternative. What makes them one of the wonderful options is the wide range of options that it offers you. 

It is not just limited to movies and TV shows. There are several other options available and include a few good How-To videos. The TV shows on the service are listed on the basis of episodes and date of original airing. This should be helpful in checking out where exactly you left it off and where to resume.

The movies available also show a complete synopsis and plot. This can be quite helpful in making up your mind whether you would want to watch the movie or not. The user interface and organization of the content should make it an exciting option you would want to opt for.

Access to the IMDb rating of the movies that you want to watch is yet another exciting feature that will let you know exactly which movie are you looking watch. 


This is yet another site like PrimeWire and lets you watch your favorite movies and TV shows with ease. The shows and other content available on the service are of high quality, and you have access to multiple external sources to find your shows. 

One of the best parts that attracted us to the service is the option available for downloading your favorite movies and TV shows. Coolmoviezone supports wide range formats so that you would be able to play them on the compatible devices. Some of the supported options include FLV, 3GP, MOV, WMW, and MP4.

primewire alternatives

You should be able to enjoy a wide range of shows across multiple genres. The prime options would include Action, Adventure, Animation, Biography, Comedy, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family, Fantasy, Featured, Dubbed, History and Horror, to name just a few. Moreover, you also have access to a huge collection of shows in multiple Indian languages. 


123Movies have been one of the most widely options and indeed comes with high-end performance. However, due to the copyright issues and other complications, the service has been changing domains quite often. Just make sure to check the correct domain name from time to time. 

The interface is quite simple and easy to use. The minimalistic approach used in the UI makes it quite simple and easy to work with. 123Movies provides you with a simple option to watch your favorite movies and TV shows. The TV shows and movies can be searched through a few easy to use filters.

The alphabetical arrangement of shows makes it quite simple and easy to watch your movies. The movie listings also come with IMDB rating so that you will find the best movies and shows. Make sure that the service does work efficiently in your region and your ISP. 

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Afdah has been able to achieve higher standards, thanks to a wide range of features and functions that you may not find on PrimeWire. The movie streaming service comes with a wide range of options across as many as 27 genres. 

You should be able to search for the movies and TV shows based on the language, which is one of the features you would not find on PrimeWire. The wide range of filter options available on the service should make it a great choice. Compatible with iOS and Android platforms, the Afdah service is a great option.

The high-end search capability of the streaming service is one of the best options we liked the most. You can even enter one or two alphabets to enjoy the show right away. The blue-themed interface is quite simple and easy to handle and understand. 


An excellent database of movies and ease of looking for your favorite movies is what would make Vumoo an excellent choice for all your needs in watching your exciting set of movies. It can definitely be one of the best options for a good alternative for PrimeWire. 

However, there are not many search options or filters available. This can be a negative option for a huge number of movie fans when you have no options available at your disposal. The service should be an excellent option if you are one of those who knows which movie you want to watch and there are no further options available.

The TV shows available on the service would make it a greater option because you will have access to practically every show you would love to. The toolbars and other interface related concepts make it one of the exciting options you would want to go with. 


SnagFilms is a service that stands apart from the rest of the services in more ways than one. It attempts to list out the movies in different categories based on similarities between them. The high degree of search functionality is what we loved the most with the service. 

You can even share the shows you love with your friends through the use of social media. The movies and TV shows available on the SnagFilms service can be previewed before you can even log in to show. This should be an excellent option for most of your movie streaming needs.

The movie streaming site is quite different in terms of its features and functions and makes it a perfect options as a good alternative to PrimeWire. Apart from the movies and TV shows, you can have access to several stories of national and international importance like climate changes, politics and other vital elements of our day to day life.


5Movies is a relatively lesser-known service for streaming your favorite shows. It lets you get access to a perfect option for the latest movies and TV shows. However, there are not many shows available on the platform, and that may be a little difficult concept. 

The filtering options available on the service should make it one of the excellent options you would want to go with. It is a new service but has been able to achieve success through its innovative filtering capability. The service hosts the content in the cloud and may change the domain from time to time.

You can even consider placing a request for your movies if you find that the movie or show does not exist in their database. The site is still quite new and has been under development. We would definitely look ahead to find it working in an efficient manner.  

Niter Movies is one of the perfect choices for an alternative to PrimeWire. The simple and user-friendly interface is what would make it a great choice. In fact, the user interface is something quite similar and equivalent to Netflix. 

The new shows and movies arrive on the site and are displayed on the front page of the site. This can be an excellent option for an enhanced option for checking out the newest shows. The filtering options available on the movie streaming service are just excellent.

You can even check out the IMDb ratings of the movies, and TV shows that you are looking to watch. The ads can be annoying to a little extent and something you may not be comfortable with. 

The Concluding Thoughts 

The list above should ideally have provided you with a decent collection of some prominent sites like PrimeWire. Of course, PrimeWire comes with its own advantages and features, but the recent issues have made it a little difficult to access it in an efficient manner.

The list of best PrimeWire alternatives as outlined in this compilation should make it one of the perfect options you would want to go with. 

Check out the best options and share your thoughts with us. We are sure this list will meet your needs in finding the best sites that offer you similar features like those on PrimeWire. 

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