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Best Products / Services Which are discontinued by Google

Last week Google has announced that it has discontinued Project Ara. This is not the first time a project has been discontinued. Google the giant search engine known for its search related products has increased its reach and expanded into various services as the time progresses. They have already dominated most of the market in Web-based products, Operating systems, Desktop Applications, Services, mobile applications and Hardware.

Google is a brilliant hub for exploring different ideas from their employees and if they found out something amazing then they immediately form a separate team with the essential employees who can help out the idea to make it a product form. Android is one such idea from the Google team and now 71% of all the mobile devices are using Android.

Products discontinued by Google

As the saying goes nothing is 100% perfect and same goes the giant company. Though they are some amazing ideas which turned out to be a great product but there are failure products as well. Do you know there are almost 60+ products & services which are discontinued from 2006 to 2016.

So I have gonna through the entire 60+ products & services and listed out some of the best products which are discontinued by Google.

6 Best Google Discontinued Products & Services

Google Answers ( 2006 )

Google answer is a platform launched by Google in 2002, it’s just like a medium to answer queries which are asked by random users in different categories. The best part of it was the user who answers the query will be paid by Google and also by the user who have asked the question. Google used to retain some percentage with it and the remaining will be given the one who has the best answer. It has reportedly closed in November 2006 but the service is available in Arabic version and Hongkong until December.  Google Answers has been fully closed by Dec 2006, though it’s still accessible now but it doesn’t take any more questions just will show its archives. It was a good initiative by Google but didn’t see a further light.

Here is the link to Google Answers –>

DodgeBall ( 2009 )

DodgeBall is a revolutionary social networking at that time. It’s been founded by 2 New york university students in 2003 but Google acquired it in 2005 and continued further development. Dodgeball is a software for mobile devices, where it would show your friends, relatives, venue nearby your location. The user needs to text their location to server and server will access the location and will be presented with the information nearby.

Google has discontinued dodgeball service in 2009 but continued the similar service and renamed as Google Latitude but didn’t see any further development. It has reportedly shut down in 2013. You can see this service in Google maps now.

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Aardvark ( 2011 )

Aardvark is a mixed concept of Google answer & social networking. Similar to that of Google answers, in Aardvark user can post a question and this will connect by arranging a live chat with friends or friends of friends who can answer that question. Aardvark is originally developed by San-Francisco based startup in 2007, Google acquired it for $50 million in 2010. In 2011, Google has discontinued a number of its products and Aardvark is one of them.

Orkut ( 2014 )

Orkut, this name need no introduction. Orkut was founded way back in 2004 but one of the Google employee named Orkut Büyükkökten. This has been most popular social networking site with over 300 million users and has a large database in Brazil & India. Orkut usage has been decreased rapidly after the entry of  rampage Facebook and in 2014 it has been closed.

Orkut has reportedly shut down and its founder Orkut has left an emotional message in and also introduces its new venture Hello. Hello is a network which will show stories related to your passion. It has been introduced in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Newzealand, France, Ireland and Brazil.

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Google Glass ( 2015 )

Google glass, which has been first introduced in Google I/O conference in 2012. Google glass is similar to optical frame spectacles which can  display the data / information from the mobile phones. This is done through the internet by voice commands. After its release, it has received a lot of criticism from everyone, so they dropped producing furthermore products in 2015.

I was in a confusion to mention this or not because as Google announced it would stop producing Google glass prototype in Jan 2015 but in Dec 2015 it filed an application with FCC for a new version of Google glass.

Project Ara ( 2016 )

Project Ara is one of the interesting project announced by Google. The concept of the modular smartphone has been in the news in recent years but with the announcement from Google and also with its excellent prototypes many believed that it would be a revolution in the smartphone industry. But unlike the expected one, Google has cancelled project Ara on Sep 2, 2016.

Google’s ATAP division has been performing exceptionally well but failed in this project and it has announced that the technology information will be given to third party companies.

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 Some Mentions

  • Writely – Acquired by Google in March 2006 and in Oct 2006 its was merged into Google Doc’s & spreadsheets.


  • Google Click-to-Call – This is a free call service provided by google. By this user can speak directly to businesses which are found in Search results and they have discontinued in 2007.


  • Google Lively – An animated chat program which works in 3D, launched in July 2008, closed in December of the same year.


  • Google Ride Finder – Finds taxi’s and shuttle nearby the location of users, this has been tested in 14 US cities but discontinued in 2009.


  • Google Labs – It’s  page created by Google to test the new products by discontinued in 2011.


  • Google Mini – It’s a minified version of Google search appliance but discontinued in 2012.


  • Google Talk – In 2013, it has been replaced by Google Hangouts. It’s a messaging service with both text & Voice communication support.


  • Picasa – Replaced in 2016 by Google Photos

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There is a Crack in everything, That’s how the light get’s in

Even though Google is a search giant and has some awesome products in various departments but these came under the cost of some failed projects. But they didn’t fall back and tried with the better version and still trying. So, key take way from this is Don’t give up that easily even though you may fall apart sometimes but your goal is your destination. If you want to list any other product in the list, please let me know about them in the comment section and share this article on social networking sites.

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