6 Best Radio Apps for Android

These days there are almost a numerous options to listen to music and probably this is the reason why people are also coming up with many other options. Well, internet radio has been one of the best options that people are looking for.

There is no doubt about the use of smartphones in our daily life and that is because of the various apps which are making our life easier. Whatever is your need in daily life, you will find a mobile which will make your work easier.

6 Best Radio Apps For Android

Well, a lot of people are downloading apps that provide the internet radio facility and many other features. Now, if you are willing to download an internet radio app, here are 6 Best Radio Apps for Android which you can use. Check them out in detail and then get the best one as per your needs.

Best Radio Apps

Google Play Music

The Google Play Music is by a long shot the best application that you can get for your necessities. It is a superb choice for cooking music spilling and afterward making the utilization of it. All things considered, making the utilization of the online radio applications is exactly what you would search for.

Indeed, there is a considerable measure of things that may help you, and the best part is Google Play Music is free. However, there are still some inner application purchases for cutting edge highlights. From listening to the music of the 90s and the arbitrary new ones, you can get it all with this. Many individuals utilize the free form to get the radio stuff with different stations.


The iHeartRadio is the only go-to application for your love towards listening music. It is totally free and bears a considerable measure of alternatives that you may search for. Indeed, from the accessibility of the FM Stations to the different frequencies set up – you can do it all with ease.

You can likewise search for different play records and occasion events and others. The best thing of iHeartRadio is,utilizing some portion of it is truly incredible, and it accompanies ChromeCast along with Android Wear Support.

Internet Radio

As the name recommends, there must be a solitary application which is particular for playing radio music online. The Internet Radio applications are exactly what you would hope to listen to. From unrecorded music play to a large number of radio stations around the world.

If you want to make the most out of it, then simply download the Internet Radio application. There are dynamic elements, for example, unrecorded music recording and playing alongside rest timing. There are more than several radio stations that cover all types of trending music. It is one of the best places to listen to your most loved tunes besides listening to the music.

Pandora Radio

You might not have heard about it earlier, but the Pandora Radio is exactly what you would anticipate. It is a conspicuous choice for the Pandora Radio as it raises something extremely lovely. Not just it concentrates on the specific stations, you can also set the GPS although when you are traveling abroad or a different radio station to get your requirements.

With the Pandora Radio application, it is very simple for you to get the chance to make your list of things to get and play the music on request. You can likewise deal with the music as indicated by the requirements and afterward begin with them. You can likewise get a premium membership to expel the advertisements furthermore and buy one-day passes when you require so.


The SiriusXM is a wonderful satellite radio that is one of the best things that you can get for yourself. With more than 150 channels everywhere throughout the world, you will never pass on a great opportunity to snatch the most loved music. You can get the membership of the application and afterward utilize it for your requirements.

The application is gradually showing signs of improvement with every passing day, and it is in reality something essential for you to look at. So without a doubt, it is one of the best things that you can get from this part. All that you need to do is simply go to Google Play Store ( Alternative of Play Store ) and after that download the SiriusXM App.


Spotify is another music-based application that is simply impeccable as you wish to get. Indeed, by providing more than a hundred channels for the last couple of years, the Spotify application has surely been a great choice of current time. Without much of a stretch, you can deal with the rundown of Worldwide Top 50 and get what you are searching for.

This radio app will make out a great deal of alternatives like the overall stations and additionally the option to choose channels records. The best portion of utilizing this application is that you can also get the free form of the radio application!


So these are 6 of the best radio apps for your android device. Are you using any other radio app to listen to your favorite music? Please feel free to share in the comments below.

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