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Best To-Do List Apps

Let’s not forget that we tend to harbor a lot of apps for managing tasks and works in general. Apart from that, we do favor over a paper or board anytime due to different compulsions which may or may not be satisfied with most of the Todo list-making apps.

On that note let us dive into some of the comprehensive todo list apps that serve different needs and possibilities of exciting note-taking features.

10 Best Todo List Apps For Android

Best To-do List apps

Remember The Milk (Free + Paid Upgrade)

Remember The Milk, is best for those who are trying out todo list apps for the first time. Users should spend quite an amount of time in experiencing the advanced options of remembering the milk list-making app. It is focused on providing a few minimalistic features in an unprecedented manner.

Its features are very categorical in terms of UI and feel like a hybrid of Google Keep Notes and Gmail (no offense). Find your tasks from the menu listed categorically. There is just one button as input for adding tasks with multiple parameters.

Such as adding date and time for the task. Adding priorities, category selection, tags, snoozing and collaborator section for sharing any task. 

Best Features Of Remember The Milk:

  • Collaborator Sharing – Share your tasks with anyone with a Remember The Milk linked email.
  • Remember The Milk Sub Tasks (RTM Pro) – Subtasks are for pro users only, it helps to rearrange your tasks into multiple manageable short categories.
  • Customization – Better customization of your tasks and its parent or subtasks, sorting those tasks with tags, lists, notes, timeline.
  • Smart Notifications – Get the notifications all the way round via Gmail, app notifications.

Google Tasks (Free)

Google Tasks: Any Task, Any Goal. Get Things Done

It’s pretty clear to see Google Tasks a google’s app on the list, and the reason is obvious that Google strives for productivity tools greater than any other silicon valley company. Let’s dig into this one. 

You can easily experience the minimal UI elements right upon from the dashboard or app’s home screen. Google hasn’t thrown many options or features into the app and yet integrated this tasks app into their other apps such as google docs, google calendar, Gmail.

In contrast, the app allows for easy tracking, modification, and deletion of the tasks or goals. There are primarily two ways to keep the order of tasks, one being the date wise and another being order wise. You can get things done easily and all you need to do is just opt for sort by Date wise for much better task’s tracking. 

Best Features Of Google Tasks:

  • Listing – Regular labeling feature, whereas default being “My Tasks”. There is no limitation for creating lists and renaming them later.
  • Subtasks – Subtasks let you add multiple tasks under a root or primary task. Google probably being very cheeky here by providing subtasks feature, whereas in RTM this option is available only for pro users. That’s a BUFF!
  • Multiple Gmail Accounts – Just like in gmail, & in keep notes, you can switch in between your or family’s personal google tasks. All you need is a login from Gmail id and you’re good to go.
  • G-Suite – It gets even more interesting for business owners as the app gets integrated with their G-Suite for better analytics.
  • Just Not Dark Theme – You can switch in between light and dark themes manually and automatically by setting the “Set By Battery Saver” option.

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Wunderlist or Microsoft To-Do (Free) 

It is so sad to see the wunderlist to-do list app being acquainted by Microsoft and goes away on May 6th of 2020. Well, that’s not an issue to worry about you know why because Microsoft To-Do and Wunderlist are actually going to get merged. 

The new merged Microsoft To-Do app having devs from both sides provides more interesting insights into app development. And that’s probably the best way to have a much more powerful To-Do app from Microsoft for sure. With this being mentioned, let’s focus on the other side which is the Microsoft To-Do app which has got essences of Wunderlist features.

Save your tasks from the notification bar very swiftly. Add photos, theme colors, checkboxes for completed tasks, tagging every task respective to its category, assigning to work are just the tip of the ice.

Some remarkable features are exporting your task data from the settings. Create or hide your Smart Lists Menu from settings, which helps you to set Important or favorites, Planned or Time-based, Assigned to you.

Best Features Of Microsoft To-Do or Wunderlist:

  • Task Assigning  – assigning tasks is easy, make a list of tasks and assign them or share them to the user with just an email
  • Integrations and Sync – Just like Google’s Tasks app integration with its own apps, Microsoft is building up more integration and syncing with its similar products and workflow-based apps such as outlook, Microsoft calendar, OneNote.
  • Cross-Platform – Perhaps you can focus more on work, with their cross-platform access on the web browser, for pc from Microsoft store, iPhone and for Chromebooks.

Trello (Free + Paid Business Plans)

Trello is focused more on work and team management tools and provides free templates to kickstart the work or project tracking. Trello provides simple block style or let’s say, boards that are compelling enough to create filters, tags for your tasks and quickly share them with your organization.

Commenting or activity is one of its accessibility features, which provides a sense of working together being collaborating through easy chats. Honestly, its accessibility features are so great just from the menu one can assign teams, non-teams, change task settings such as colors, add files, filters, plugins, and integrations from scratch.

Best Features Of Trello:

  • Activity  – Assigning tasks is easy, make a list of tasks and assign them or share them to the user with just an email
  • Trello Integrations or PowerUps – way ahead of its competitors, and yet sophistically caters best for its free and personal users with trello integrations. Integrations allow to easily share the cards, data in between apps and platforms such as Slack, IFTTT, google apps and plenty more to boost your workflow.
  • Business Focused Plans – Unlike regular options, businesses and enterprises who are trello focused work managers, get more and sophisticated options from Trello business-class plans and enterprise plans. Most of the upgrades being attachment sizes, custom settings for teams, limits, custom fields, voting and plenty more.

Todoist (Free + Paid Plans)

Todoist, gets its rank in this article on the very basis of getting an Editor’s Choice from Google Play Store. Todoist is probably one of the To-Do list-making apps that focuses on providing education plans with discounts and for non-profits. Let’s dive into its segregated plans and meticulously designed & focused features for each member.

Todoist has a great competitor called Tick Tick which we will feature below. Apart from that todoist team does struggle in making its app on par a better todo app for beginners. It has daily, weekly goals, a level system that tracks the completion or noncompletion of tasks and gives you a rating or say a level or badge to show your productiveness. 

Most of its users complain is its best features are stuck with premium plans, well most of the popular to-do list apps are indeed premium for those nitty-gritty extra features. Todoist has some attractive premium features such as Activity Log which haven’t seen in any app so far, custom filters, labeling etc under premium feature hurts.

Best Features Of Todoist:

  • Rescheduling – Their rescheduling works way more than expected, it not only divides a bunch of overdue tasks but also provides a smart way to schedule auto-assigned with various colors.
  • Inbox – Inox is a feature where you add ideas of work in a rough way. Later on upon getting a structure to an idea, you can quickly set your priorities and move tasks to other folders.
  • Email & Push Notifications – Its a premium feature, gets unlocked upon buying their premium or business plan. Email notifications being priced is a valid reason, whereas push notifications being added in a premium plan is just unbelievable.
  • Link Feature – Get links to your tasks is easy, which can be seen in Trello undercard sharing.

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Tick Tick (Free + Upgrade Plan)

Tick Tick just blew every other to-do list makers and users since their release and they are relentlessly upgrading with features. If tick tick app was supposed to be ranked, then it would be after wunderlist. But the wunderlist acquaintance by Microsoft and yet the features not being fully merged with Microsoft To do makes Tick Tick be our top suggestion for todo apps.

Tick Tick provides an amalgam of best and free features for individual users who can get satisfied, rest premium features are an easy pick for businesses and teams. Tick Tick app is the only todo app that provides plenty of widgets with various sizes and some widgets are dedicated to just one of its features. 

A status bar or notification bar widget which serves as a quick note-taking popup feature from any app. Their quick ball feature lets you add tasks from the lock screen itself. Enabling Countdown mode makes it even easier to see the timer in hours for every task. Themes are some of its decorative features.

Best Features Of Tick Tick:

  • Calendar View – Free users get daily calendar view with the list of tasks below, premium users get weekly, monthly, 3-day calendar views. This feature resembles most of the calendar apps, and 
  • Swipes Customization – Ever used the “Swipes” app? This works very similarly to the swipes app basic swiping feature, you can just customize which directional swiping results in which setting. Let’s say swipe right or left for task completion, move tasks, date and priority changes.  
  • Templates & Shortcuts – Unlike any other app tick tick provides an option to save templates as a predefined way to create your work, educational, regular tasks easily. 
  • Pomodoro Timer – Pomo Timer, just like a physical stopwatch, it can be customized very highly, like intervals, daily pomo goals, duration breaks, ringtones customization for end and breaks.
  • Stay Hands-Free – tick tick’s audio input option lets you provide text via speech, access it by long-pressing the “+” or create tasks button and start your speech.
  • Habit Log – This is indeed an interesting feature for an app that is just a to-do list maker. Habit logs and makes you opt-in a new healthy habit and have an archive of it for future statistical reference. Some of its suggested habits are eating healthy, getting up early, workouts, reading, meditation, learning. On top of that, the calendar view shows the daily streak. 

Any Do (Free + Premium)

Any Do is more of an upgrade to google calendar or any other calendar app packed with few free options and the rest being molded into a big premium version. Any Do’s premium features are very attractive and enjoyable to do list taking applications. Any Do can be minimally free for all but it’s features and true essence can only be enjoyed after buying its premium plans.

Any Do provide a free assistant integration with Amazon Alexa and there is a rumor surrounding the web that in future Any Do’s premium subscription lets you connect to Google Assistant. Fingers crossed, hope they let free users have the assistant integration along with Whatsapp Reminders.

Best Features Of Any Do:

  • WhatsApp Reminders – Its any do premium subscription feature, you will get reminders to your whatsapp linked account on any do. Simple as that!
  • App Integrations – More than 1500 app integrations via zapier
  • Grocery Helper – Free users do get a perk, its grocery list can be expanded and shared which can be handy at times. With grocery lists you can add multiple Lists such as garments, apparel list, bills list but the header will have the Grocery Lists as prefix name. Which is quite annoying… Period!
  • Smart Calendar – As said above it has best calendar features, 3-day view, weekly view, calendar imports and proprietary agendas for your tasks.

Swipes (Free & Minimalistic)

Swipes is a fully minimalistic to-do list and task management app. All you will get in this app is integrations features and tasks or todo list management features. Each task has simple functions, swipe left to be postponed to a “later” section and swipe right to be sent to the “Done” section.

They’re looking forward to developing another variant of swipes app, which is focused onto the teams, organizations, and work and the current one is called Swipes for personal.

Best Features Of Swipes App:

  • Evernote Integration – Signup with swipes account and link your evernote account. Upon integration, all your Evernote can have swipes list taking abilities by just adding a swipe tag and checkbox list. Tasks automatically get fed into swipes app for further tweaks.
  • Workspaces – A simple tag filtration to divide your home tasks, team and work tasks, and others respectively, if needed can be added. Selecting a tag from the workspace can switch to the respective tasks that have created under that same tag.
  • Basic Features – Swipes app has been retained some of the most useful to-do list and task managing features. Adding subtasks, reminders, tags, and notes are some of the few. 

Toggl (Free + Paid Plans)

Toggl is a manual task tracker and is focused on the workplace or for other important situations were logging in and tracking time duration is very needful and handy. Toggle gets the manual task inputs with time duration gets calculated once the task is manually halted.

Tasks once registered can be repeated with a tap on the resume button or can run a new task, later the description can be injected easily. Toggl is best for those who need focused time-space once they start their projects, freelancers, agencies, regular time-based workers can get the most benefits out of this app.

Best Features Of Toggl App:

  • Graphical Reports – Insightful graphical charts and hourly based x,y graph on top provides so much information with percentages of time usage and the categorical usage.
  • Auto Tracker In Web Version – Toggl’s web version auto tracks the activity with just a few keywords entered.
  • Dual Modes – Set definite time with start and end sequence to automatically turn the toggl on and the activity and tasks get locked. Or else regular timer mode is at your desk as always.
  • Project Audits – After the work is done and the toggl got its data, you can scroll through projects with client details tagged well, email notifications to your team along with billing the projects for the work done.


We saved Habitica app for you to the last, due to its engaging gaming style features which are confidently different from other todo list-making apps. In habitica, you learn to build good habits and leave bad habits. While doing so, you get a chance to build an avatar, which seeks up-gradation. Avatar upgradability needs reward coins, which can only be earned by completing your tasks regularly.

Perhaps most important features apart from fascinating RPG game style mode are actually todo listing options. Every task, dailies and do’s can set to have difficulty level, streaks, and tags for even more rewards upon completion. Habitica is indeed your right app to explore if you’re someone who enjoys communicating and yet earns personal health benefits.

Best Features Of Habitica App:

  • Dailies – Dailies are tasks that are your daily generalized tasks based on activities. Use this feature to complete your uncompleted daily tasks to get along with other tasks.
  • Habits, To-Dos – Use this feature to either boost your work activity or reduce bad habits. Whereas the Habits section has positive and negative options in every task. Positive increases health and experience and negative input results in a decrease of experience and health points.
  • Social Interaction – From the menu under the social tab, the player can join guilds to achieve higher levels, and to get motivated from other’s success. Tavern provides a chat option where users globally seek more knowledge on how to take care of their tasks and yet have a guild based conversations.
  • Challenge Features – Create or join challenges, let’s say a challenge that lets you get up at 5 am for a week straight. Upon completion of this challenge, you get rewards or prizes. Players can communicate with others via discord, guilds.

Wrapping Up

Apart from the chronological way, for free users, google tasks is enough and for pro features, tick tick and trello are far more than enough. It would be helpful to the app developers if you can keep on reporting your issues or requesting features via their discords, websites or forums.

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