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best tools to boost productivity of content creators

The online marketing these days has been on the rise. Be it with the aid of blogging or otherwise, the content plays a major role in your building and maintaining your website. Creating unique and quality content is not an easy task. Even a team head need tools to boost the productivity of content creators. Apart from that, you need to be careful with the spelling and grammar errors. It becomes necessary to avoid any errors that your readers may catch.

But is all that task that easy? Not really. We are human beings, and that makes it too hectic to take care of all those needs. That is exactly where you will feel the need for some helpful online tools that would help you boost your productivity. And that is what we will discuss here today. Let us go through a few best tools to boost your online productivity.

5 Best Tools to Boost Productivity of Content Creators


It is the numero Uno tool to prevent duplicate content on your site. The plagiarised content will drive the traffic away from your site. Copyscape is the best tool that comes to your aid when attempting to contain the plagiarism.

Copyscape has been in the business of fighting plagiarism for over ten years now. The service has been helping out the site owners to keep away from both internal and external copied content. Apart from the free service they have on offer, Copyscape also has a suite of premium services to let you stay safe from the copy bug.

Copied content can result in driving the traffic away from your site, but if you have copied someone else’s content on your site inadvertently, you will be liable to face penalties. Copyscape protects you even from such problems.


Buffer lets you increase your traffic. The service is available at Buffer loves to call itselfSocial Media Autopilot.

You can sign into Buffer using your Twitter ID or your email address. It is essentially a service that schedules posts to your social networks and  does come with its own analytics. It will let you create and schedule posts that you would wish to publish to your social networks. You can configure multiple accounts on your Buffer profile. It does work with Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest among others. However, there is no support for Google Plus yet.

The service allows you check the detailed analysis of the post and find the performance of the social media post. It can calculate the likely reach and the actual reach it has been able to garner. The service also has browser extensions that help you curate content across the web as you browse and read them. Install the browser extension in chrome or firefox. If you feel that installing add-ons in firefox will increase the loading time, then follow these simple steps to Speed up Mozilla Firefox Browser.

Buffer also has mobile apps for Android and iOS so that you can schedule posts on the move.

3.Word Count tool

There are certain conditions wherein you will need to post content by staying within the word or character limit. That is exactly the situation where this little tool comes to your rescue.

Word counter lets you count the characters or words in your content. It is an essential tool that will aid in writing the metadata for your articles or blog posts. There is no need for any kind of registration for using the service.

There are many tools available to work with your blogs. Even Google web store has extensions for the purpose.

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4. Paper Rater

The next on our list is the tool that determines the quality of your content. It would be a helpful tool to know beforehand as to whether it would be suitable for your target audience.

In fact, it can be treated as an all in one tool for your maintaining the quality of your content. It provides you a complete suite of correction tools for your content even before you post it on the blog. It is quite handy for those of you who are lazy when it comes to proofreading your content.

Paper Rater is a web service. You just need to copy the content you want to proof read into it. You will need to specify the category of your content. Let the tool know whether you are submitting an essay, research paper or a review. The tool will analyse your content and come up with a detailed analysis of the same. It will check for the spelling errors, incorrect usage of grammar, words that may not be suitable in the context and many other things in one go. Once done, it will provide you a rating or grade based on the quality of the article. You will also receive a few tips and guides on how you can improve your content.


That is one of my favourite tools when it comes to ensuring that you are more productive in your endeavours. It will help you stay away from the chances of wasting time on some unnecessary sites.

We all have the tendency of visiting another site while working on a task. A notification from Facebook may lead you to the site with the intention of just checking it away makes you stay on it chatting senselessly for around 30 minutes. A casual search for some product elongates into half an hour of virtual shopping. StayFocusd is a great tool to avoid those unnecessary time wasted.

The tool works as a Chrome Extension. You can set the sites you would not want to visit and set a timer. So, now whenever you visit the site, it will block the access once the set limit is over. Thus, no more prolonged periods of unproductive surfing on those sites. You can concentrate on the productive work and complete the tasks before the deadline hits.

Final thoughts

I have made an attempt at listing out the important tools that improve your productivity. As a content creator, you need to be focussed on what you have at hand. The deadlines and a host of the other issues may make you wanting for automated tools that help you out in coming up with the best performance. The lists of services outlined above are not exhaustive by any standard. It is just an indicative list. If you have any other tools you have used, you may share them via comments and we will check it out and list out them here. Share this article on social networking sites and help TechinformerZ grow.

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