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Top 10 Best torrent sites 2020 to download files & Movies

Best Torrent sites are used for distributing large files easily. They are normally used for peer to peer file sharing. They let you download large files in high quality.

By using torrents, you can know about How to download movies using utorrent,, the pirate bays, etc. which most of them use for torrent search.

We will list out the top best torrent sites 2018 that are of practical use and best to torrent download movies.

What is a Torrent?

Torrents are files with an extension .(dot) torrent. The torrent files are used to with Torrent clients. There is a big collection of files available as torrents. The list of such files includes computer programs, games, movies, videos and TV shows.

Wonder, How torrenting works, here is the 2 min video which explains how the best torrenting sites work.

For downloading those torrent files, you need torrent websites or torrent search which help you find and download the files you need. Most of the sites are free torrent sites for movies.

However, these sites have to bear the brunt of anti-piracy authorities for copyright violations and face ban from time to time.

10 Best Torrent sites 2017

Best Torrent Sites 2016


PirateBay is world’s most popular torrent site. It is the largest torrent directory wherein you can upload or download any number of files. The site was founded in September 2003 in Sweden. It was developed for sharing files among the co-workers.

This consists of a huge directory of computer programs, movies, music and other files. It does support SSL encryption. The site is the best source for Mac software files. The site has an Alexa ranking of 2000 and boasts of 444000 unique visits.

KickAss Torrent 

Initially named, this is one of the oldest, yet popular torrent site. Launched in 2008, it has carved a niche for itself in a quite shorter period. It always has anti-piracy laws and has constantly been banned in most countries around the world.

It has practically millions of downloads available on it. Undoubtedly it is the number one torrent site till date. Torrent KickAss has the easy to use interface. It uses BitTorrent protocol. It does have quite a good name in the piracy market. You can access it in over 30 languages. It can safely be termed as the fastest torrent site currently available.

Kat is down and completely removed recently ( Mid 2016 ), though there are various extensions working for Kat. It has an Alexa rank below 100 and has 4.1 million unique visits.


This one is the best for Indian users. It has a large collection of Hindi movies. The site performance is comparable to Google. It was developed in 2003. It can be treated as the fast, reliable and free metasearch engine that lets you find your desired files quite quickly.

The site provides a great deal of information about the files you search for. It lets you know the file size and the upload date along with the number of downloads. Torrentz had around 2.6 million unique visitors and placed at 200 in Alexa ranking.

Check out the


One of the most popular torrent sites in 2015, Extra Torrent has a wide range of torrent files to choose from. You can be assured to get just about everything on this site. It has a good collection of movies, music and software files.You can also use it to download smartphone apps.

If you are looking for some of the ways to bypass In-app application in IOS by using Iap Cracker. The best part of the site is that you can use it to download your favorite files even without registration. The site is banned in most nations. However, you can bypass the restrictions and access the site using VPN services that hide your identity. It has an Alexa ranking of 330. It gets around 900000 unique visitors.


As the name itself indicates, the torrent site EZTV specializes in TV shows. It has a wide range of collection of TV shows. It lets you download your favorite TV shows for free. The best part – as with ExtraTorrent is the ability to use it to download your files without the need to register yourself on the site.

EZTV has about 335000 unique visitors and boasts of an Alexa ranking of 1796.


It is yet another best torrent site that lets you download your files without any issues. The site has a clutter-free interface and promises to offer good clutter-free experience. It was launched in 2013 and closed down subsequently because of growing copyright issues. It was again launched later on popular demand.

The site has a P2P search engine. It has a good collection of Hollywood movies to choose from.The Alexa ranking of the site reads 3580. The site claims to have around 401000 unique visits.


It is also known as YIFY. The torrent site specializes in movie downloads. It has carved a big name for itself in the arena of movie piracy. In spite of the blockade orders, it continues to have its existence. The Alexa of the site is 740.

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It is one of newest entrants of the block. It does have its roots in Bulgaria. Even then, it has been getting more and more visitors. The site got into the top 10 rank in 2014 at number 10. In 2015, it climbed the ladder up to be in 6th position. It was banned in the UK last year, which in itself speaks of its popularity. The site boasts of an Alexa rank of 1326.


This is a unique torrent site in itself. It is operated by the community of like-minded torrent lovers. It has been stated that it was formed to fill the void caused by the lack of quality content. The site aims to be a free torrent site with a public tracker. Earlier it was using a .org domain but has now shifted to .to domain given the bans. The site has an Alexa ranking of 2581.

Lime torrents

Lime torrent has been a player in the torrent arena for many years gone by. But it has gained popularity only recently. It shot into limelight with the court case concerned with the leaked copy of “Expendables 3”. Alexa rank of the site reads 2608.

Wrap Up

Well, that was just a short loss of a few torrent downloader available globally. Knowing the best torrent sites will help you pinpoint on the best one for you based on your requirements. I hope this list will help you in that direction.

Keep an eye on this topic and, if you come across any good site that you feel is worthy of being on this list, please respond with your comments here below. We will update the list if the sites are really useful and trustworthy.

NOTE: All the information disclosed here is based on research done on the internet. 

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