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Best video editing apps for iPhone

We all love videos. Because videos speak more than the words. But, watching a video you just recorded on your brand new iPhone may not be kind of interesting with its aesthetics. Maybe it needs some makeup, some hairdo or some tweaking.

5 Best video editing Apps for iPhone

If you are planning to post your video on social media or any video sharing website, you will need to trim it a little or add a few filters. We will concentrate on iPhone and list out a few good video editing apps for iPhone.

Best Video Editing Apps for iPhone

1.  iMovie

iMovie is one of the popular video editing apps for iPhone. The app is capable of handling a few simpler video editing tasks quite comfortably.iMovie has been considered to be one of the pioneers in the realm of video editing on iOS. In fact, it has been treated to be one of the indispensable apps on your iPhone.

It has a host of features that make it an impressive choice when it comes to the video editing apps for iPhone. You can shoot separate shots of varied lengths and then stitch them together along with some great filters and effects.That is not all. iMovie is capable of many other functions like adding titles, music or even voice overs. Moreover, you also have a vast collection of TV style templates that can be added to your masterpieces to make them more beautiful.

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2.  Splice

The software is available both as a free and paid versions. As the name itself indicates, the app can help you splice your collection of photos and video clips together and create some great videos.
You can choose to play them on your Apple device or share them on your social profiles. You can import clips and arrange them. The clips can be edited individually.

Splice lets you add text and audio. You can even add voice overs. The app has options to add transitions and even the speed of the videos can be adjusted to meet your requirements. Splice is best suited for all your needs as long as a video editor on an iPhone is concerned. It can be considered to be one of the best video editing apps for iPhone when you need to quickly edit your creations.


The app made its appearance as a means for those in love with Instagram. However, now it has attained the status of a full-fledged video editing app fro iPhone. The app was known previously as Replay.

It is quite faster when it comes to editing your videos. You choose the files to be edited, apply a theme of your choice, and that does it – your creation is ready. Quik has options to add a few tweaks like style, pace, audio and filters. However, for the most part, the app does all the tasks on its own without the need for any intervention from your end.

The app in its earlier avatar as Replay had a many in-app purchases, but now with the app being taken over by GoPro, almost everything has gone free. You have access to over 28 different filters and themes.

4. Pinnacle Studio

Pinnacle Studio is one of the high-end video editing apps for iPhone. It offers you a lot of advanced features. The app offers you useful and practical tools.

Pinnacle Studio comes with options like media organizer, video editor, sound effects and voice overs. The user interface of the app is what makes it one of the best tools fro editing your videos. The easy to use and simple to learn interface would be a plus point from the beginner’s point of view.

The process of editing your videos on Pinnacle Studio can be quite faster and easier. Besides you also have greater control over different aspects of editing like speed, transition effects and audio enhancement. If you are someone who has used desktop video editors, this would be a god option for you as it provides an experience almost equal to desktop video editors.

5. Magistro

It works almost similar to Replay, or now Quik. In fact, it sometimes appears more automated video editor than Quik.
You would just need to pick a few images and videos, and then choose a theme as you would with Quik. That does it – Magistro will handle all the task on your behalf. You do not need to do anything. The app also lets you add a little music to your masterpiece if you so wish.

However, the free version will allow you edit videos for up to one-minute duration. If you want longer videos and unlimited download features, you may need to opt for a premium version.

In conclusion

That ends our listing of the top five video editing apps for iPhone. However, we would not consider it to be an exhaustive list as such.

There are many apps that have the ability to deliver the best video editing experience if you own an iPhone. There are a few apps that promise to fulfill multiple requirements that you would expect from a video editor.

We hope one of them featured above would meet your needs. Just head over to your app store and download your favorite video editing app.

Share your views about the app of your choice. If you feel we have missed any of the video editing apps that are worthy of being on the list, do share your opinions. We would be more than happy to update our top picks.

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