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BIKI – Wireless Underwater Fish Drone

Have you ever thought of taking high-quality pictures or record HD video underwater?

Worried about the damage of your device by water or malfunction?

Then this article is for you. We will present you with an underwater Fish drone which will accomplish all the above-mentioned tasks with ease.

Biki – First Bionic Wireless Drone

So, BIKI is world’s first fish-shaped underwater wireless Bionic Drone which will record HD videos and also capture high-quality pictures. It will be operated by smartphone or remote.

What is Bionic

Bionics is much like applying methods of biology to the present engineering systems & technology. The simple meaning of Bionic is a replica of life, robot cheetah, dog, fish etc.

So, these robotic structures made with the replica of anything that’s from nature will imitate what they do. Just like a Robotic cheetah running at 72 Mph.

Biki is world’s first Bionic Fish drone, which is streamlined design body with a bionic caudal fin which helps it to swim and main the balance of body in underwater.

Biki’s Specifications

It’s powered by 4K UHD Camera with two high efficiency 114 Lumen Lights with underwater acoustic communication. The tech team of Biki claims a run time of 90-120 minutes and if it falls short of battery, it will immediately return to the owner with the help of GPS.

It avoids obstacles automatically and can be controlled by both smartphone & remote. You can just leave Biki in underwater and mention the diving depth and also can draw a route. Check this article, If you are looking for steps to By-Pass In app purchases in IOS .

Biki Fish Drone

Biki has a 16 MP 4K Ultra HD camera, it can travel at a speed of 1.12 Mph and depth of 196 ft Max. It has a 2600 mAh battery and can be fully charged by 2 hours.  This can withstand temperature difference from 0 to 70°C and has 32 GB internal memory.

The cutest part of Biki is its firm head & flappy fin, special care has been taken to ensure the fin is super firm and also provides the necessary boost to swimming.

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Here are some of the features of Biki Fish Drone

  • It’s Ultra silent ( 55 dB ) this makes your journey with Biki peaceful rather than getting irritated by motor sounds.
  • 4K Ultra HD camera with camera stabilizer & 150° wide angle lens will make sure to capture every moment.
  • It’s Tail fin driven, similar to what a Fish does.
  • Safe for Children
  • Automated Obstacle Avoidance
  • You can customize the route and has built in GPS.

Pricing Details

Biki is not available on retail though you can order it from Kickstarter. A single set of Biki consists of Biki, Waterproof Bag, Remote Controller, Charging Cable and Charger.

Super Early Bird is Priced at $549 ( Sold out )

Early Bird Biki is priced at $599 ( Available )

Kickstarter Special Offer – $629 ( Set of Biki + Portable Bag ) – Only 130 Left in Stock

Biki Brothers – $1199 ( 2 Sets of Biki + 2 Portable bags ) – 99 Left

Biki Swarm –  $2699 ( 5 Sets of Biki ) – 47 Left 

Note: As the product is available only on Kickstarter, buy it at your own risk or else wait for them to release in retail.

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