Blink Wireless Home Security Cameras Runs for 2 Years of AA Batteries

In the current scenario of home security needs, there are different types of wireless cameras in the market fulfilling those needs up to great extents. One such budget friendly wireless camera is Blink Cameras

Blink is one of the cheap and budget friendly cameras which are wireless uses wifi to live-stream the data and a pair of AA batteries as power source. Aint that cool tech? Yes, it is.

Blink Wireless Home Security Cameras Can Last Long For Two Years On A Pair Of AA Bateries

Why Blink Cameras?

People are worried about monitoring various areas in their home and setting up the cameras all over the places with running wires is cumbersome.

Blink cameras are roughly 2-3 inches in size and are portable on the go. You can set them up wherever you want and can quickly swapping them easily.

Blink cameras can be recharged easily with an available USB port on the back panel. A pair of AA lithium batteries can run the cameras for roughly two years.

  • Affordable – budget friendly as the price is very low compared to other cameras.
  • It can record 720p HD video along with audio with an inbuilt mic.
  • Motion and temperature sensors – these sensors delivers quick insights of the room by tracking any movement and temperature change.
  • Blue LED – can easily spark up the room when any motion is detected resulting in high-quality imaging, comes in handy in night times.
  • Instant Alerts – lets you stream and take live footage and images.
  • Manual Mode – you can simply on and off any camera, giving you full access to the functionality.
  • Auto arm/disarm – You can set timings to switch on/off a particular camera, indeed helps in saving battery.

Blink Wireless Home Security Cameras Unboxing


The price of blink cameras is very less if compared to other competing wireless cameras like Arlo, Ring, Icamera, Canary, Ismartalert and much more.


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  1. No monthly subscription charges, no hidden charges
  2. Wifi base sync system won’t intercept with other household wifi networks.
  3. Every customer gets limited storage; one can save up to 750-1500 events based on the time limit they kept for each event.
  4. A wide angle of 110º (degrees) is much enough to view the entire room.
  5. Night focus is better with its illuminating led.
  6. App is available on both android and ios platforms.


  1. Camera shield isn’t Waterproof  (made of plastic) and not dust-resistant.
  2. No humidity controlled images. Temperature can affect the picture quality.
  3. No live pan or tilt options available.
  4. No ethernet cable, the USB port may be useful to store data as an option in future.
  5. No geofencing option to regulate the cameras depth of motion tracking. You can lookout for doorbell camera in this aspect.
  6. A web app is not yet available.

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Final Words:

Blink wireless cameras are better and cheap to buy one. Regarding quality, they are good. The casing is not up to the mark. It still lacks pro features like zooming, panning, etc. Even though its subscription less plans with limited storage is enough for household monitoring. Well, blink wireless cameras are decent all the way.

Blink Wireless Home Security Cameras Unboxing
Blink Wireless Camera
Blink cameras are the one to choose because of its fast image processing letting a seamless data transmission. These are ultra portable you can take them away to anywhere you want. With all the basic necessary options blink cameras stands on to the competition.
wide angle of 110º
Night Focus is Good
You can control it from App & no hidden charges or subscriptions charges
No humidity controlled images
Camera isn't properly protected
No ethernet cable & Geo Fencing options
Out of 10

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