How to make a bootable Hiren’s Boot CD on a USB

If you have found a thing online called Hiren’s Boot CD and are desperate to use it, yet you don’t have a CD to boot the program, then we are here to help you! In case you didn’t already know, it is possible to use Hiren’s with a USB – how cool is that?! This tutorial is all about how to do that, so let’s get started then!

We understand your need to use a flash drive – hardly anyone uses a CD or a DVD nowadays. The world is switching to more portable devices that you can carry with you everywhere you want to. People choose to go for this option when booting their devices because it’s a lot easier and as lightweight as you can possibly imagine!

Here’s how the Hiren’s Boot CD screen looks like

Hiren’s Boot CD screen

Hiren’s offers its users a whole ton of different solutions. Here’s some of them:

  • You can reset your Windows Password with a special Reset Tool
  • You can use a software called Ghost
  • There is a Visurs Scanner in the Boot itself that you can also use
  • You can choose to use a Hd Tune
  • You can also use a Data Shredder that will destroy all the unnecessary information
  • If you have a Windows XP, you can use the mini version of it that is called Mini Windows XP

Where to begin? Firstly, you have to download all the required files

In order for the booting to work, you first have to format your USB to make it bootable. That could be done with the help of a special formatting utility – you can use any!

If you already have a flash drive plugged into your computer, then you can proceed to download the ISO file of Hiren’s Boot CD Windows 10 from the Internet. You also have to download a special USB formatting utility if you haven’t already.

Warning! Please do not forget to make sure that you have backed up all the data from your flash drive that you do not want to disappear after the booting process.

So, let’s get down to business, shall we?

Step 1. Open the program that is responsible for formatting your USB drive. You can download it from the Internet – there’s plenty of them! After you done that, you can proceed to follow the instructions written on the screenshot down below.

formatting USB drive

Step 2. In the utility, click the ‘Format’ button and select the ISO image option. Those should pop up in the drop-down menu of the utility you are using.

Step 3. Choose the ISO image of the Hiren’s from your computer file and then click ‘Start’ in the drop-down menu of the flash drive utility.

Step 4. After you have done that, you shall see a warning message pop up on your screen. This is the time for you to decide whether you have backed up all the necessary data that is stored on your USB device.

Step 5. You are almost done! Your USB drive is now fully ready to start the process of launching the Hiren’s Boot CD. If you think that there’s nothing left for you to do in the USB formatting utility, then click on the ‘Close’ button.

So there you have it! You have successfully finished the process of making your flash drive bootable for the Hiren’s Boot CD to be launched on it! If you enjoyed this little tutorial, then be sure to leave us a comment down below! If you happen to have any issues, then also contact us and we will try to solve your problem. Have a grand day you lovely lot!

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