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Boston Dynamics New Robot – The Handle

Many of you have seen terminator movie series, have you ever thought of some mind freaking human-like robots roaming along with humans on Earth. That day might be coming soon, Boston Dynamics have designed a new Robot named, Handle a 6 feet tall adaptable robot.

Boston Dynamics which is known quite well for its different robotic prototypes with an intention of changing the way robots function.

Boston Dynamics – Handle Robot

Let’s first get into a little intro of Boston dynamics for those who don’t know about them.

Boston Dynamic Handle

What is Boston Dynamics?

Boston Dynamics is a team which is owned by Google, earlier they used to work at MIT ( Massachusetts Institute of Technology ). Marc Raibert and some of his colleagues developed a robot which looks & function like an animal from then on the amazing journey of Boston Dynamics has taken off.

In 1992 they have founded this company which is a spin-off from MIT. They have developed 10 Robots till now including this handle and much more in the testing stage.

So, here are the 10 Robots which they have developed.

  • LS3 – Legged Squad Support Systems
  • Atlas – The Agile Anthropomorphic Robot
  • Petman – Anthropomorphic robot for testing chemical protecting clothing
  • cheetah – Fastest Legged Robot
  • Big Dog – The Most Advanced Rough-Terrain Robot on Earth
  • Rhex – Devours Rough Terrain
  • Sand Flea – Leaps Small Buildings in a Single Bound
  • Little Dog – The Legged Locomotion Learning Robot
  • Rise – The Amazing Climbing Robot
  • Handle

Each of the Robot is a master in its functionality and amazes with their performance & accuracy. You can check out their youtube channel which will elaborate the functionality of each robot in real-time.

Link to YouTube Channel here

The Handle

So, coming to the new Robot, Handle. It’s a 6.5 feet tall Robot which can travel at 14.1 KPH and also can jump 4 feet vertically. what makes it astonishing is the sharp reflex and accuracy.

Some of the special features it consists of are End Point control, where the whole robot will be fixed or controlled from one end, just like holding it but it doesn’t require any machinery to do that. It’s the stiffness of the kinematic chain of the robot.

The whole structure is controlled by applying control torque’s at that end with sensors at opposite end of it. By this good stability will be obtained and also a shift in a workpiece with respect to the robot will not lead to any error.

It can lift weights up to 100 Lb’s with comfort and can travel on high rugged terrain, can jump and avoid tables also can climb hills.

So, below is a video of glimpse of Handle developed by Boston Dynamics.

Hope this post, served as a knowledgeable one and in next post, we will be covering Boston Dynamics in depth and will bring out some amazing news & facts, stay tuned to our social networking channels.


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