What is Bot traffic and how does it affect you

The traffic is what generates revenue for your website. But, does all the traffic that you have been getting comes under the genuine category? If you believe so, you have probably not heard of Bot traffic. And if you indeed have not heard about it, this is the right place to know more about the Bots and traffic created by them.

So, next time you see a sudden hike in your traffic, don’t get excited. Sit down and analyze the real source for the traffic. In most cases, the traffic you get could be from bots, in most cases may make you prone to penalization.

What is a Bot Traffic?

What are bots, to begin with? Well, bots during the initial time were the software applications created for performing a few specific – repetitive tasks. The traffic generated by these bots is referred to as Bot traffic.

Well, that is the simple definition. But, that should not necessarily mean that all bots are created with a malicious intention. In fact, there is number of them that tend to be malicious in nature. Essentially designed as the software programmes written in order to perform a few tasks with an accuracy and speed that no normal human being would be able to achieve. However, these tasks can be both legitimate or malicious.


In recent times, it has been observed that out of ten visits that your site gets, 6 of them tend to be from the bots. In fact, this overwhelming impact of the bots on the site traffic has been what has been alarming the developers and website owners globally.

How Does Bot Traffic Affect You?

Your site needs the digital flow of visitors. Termed as traffic, this is what you would need to generate revenue. A regular stream of people – the real people – visiting your site would help you make your site more productive. But, with a majority of visits to your site coming from bots, they will indeed take away your revenue.

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Bots do not bring any monetary benefit to your site. While real people come and spend on your website, the bots would only create false figures of traffic. They would just act as extras with no practical value addition to your site. In fact, identifying them is a huge task because they copy all the types of behavior a real visitor would exhibit. They open links, like pages, follow links – but never bring any income.

How Does Organic traffic Differ from Bot traffic?

A site needs real visitors for making a profit. The human visitors are the ones who actually create the keywords and enter them in the search engines to arrive at your site. Other sources of real traffic can be the social media profiles and other online communities where you have a presence.

This traffic generated by the real people is referred to as organic traffic. The Bot traffic, on the other hand, follows a specific pattern and would not understand human behavior. In fact, it would not generate any kind of usefulness – whether from a revenue point of view or otherwise.

Like we stated before, not all bot traffic is malicious. In fact, bots were designed initially with a view to enhancing the performance of the site. The online chat services, for instance, make use of bots for detecting and removing the use of profanity or similar another behavior.

Different types of Bot Traffic

If you consider the entire traffic to your site as 100 percent, 50 percent of this traffic would be from organic sources, while the rest 50 percent would be from robots. However, not all of this bot traffic is dangerous or malicious.

Depending upon the activity that the bots are involved with, they are differentiated as good bots and bad bots. It is solely dependent upon the activity, nature and purpose is what would determine the category that they belong to. However, it has been proved beyond doubt that more than half of the bot traffic belongs to the garbage category.

Good Bots

Good bots have been intentionally created with a view to performing a few tasks. These are incorporated to save human labor and improve the process speed. These bots do not hog your resources or affect the normal functionality of your website. They have their activities clearly demarcated.

Some of the examples for the good bots can be

  • Chatbots
  • Search engine bots
  • RSS Bots
  • Monitoring bots

When you are playing an online game with an AI-enabled device, you are actually playing with a bot. Applications that provide weather forecast, sports scores and similar other updates are actually bots.

Bad Bots

These are what would be dangerous for the health of your site. They are created with a malicious intent. They tend to visit the site and take control of a few tasks. There are several forms and types of them in various forms and types.

Spambots are designed to share poor level advertising campaigns. There are a few bots that are designed to collect user data and user behavior. You may also find a few bots that are specifically designed for a purpose. Some prime examples are

  • DDoS bots that attack users and stop access to several sites
  • Game bots designed for online games that lure you into buying tickets
  • Botnets

In any case, a bad bot can clog your system resources considerably and can create havoc.

How can Bot traffic Affect Your SEO?

Bot traffic can be quite dangerous for your SEO and affect the productivity of your site to a greater extent. A few ways that it can be detrimental to your site prospects can be summed up in the following ways.


Bots or bot traffic is the major route that the scamsters make use of for hacking into your system. The unchecked bot traffic can cause a huge damage. It can even result in your site being penalized or even a complete wiping out of your traffic.

When Google detects that the site has malicious code injected into it, it will warn your users before directing them to your site. Though you may not find an immediate loss of traffic, the consistent warning can leave a bad impression in the minds of your visitors.


Scraping amounts to stealing your data. This has been one of the major areas that bots have been active since long. They just scrape your content and then post it on their site as duplicate content. They indulge in such techniques that you, in spite of being the original post of a content can be treated to be posting duplicate content and can be penalized for the issues.

It can be easy to stop the human visitors from scraping your content, but preventing a bot from doing that may not be easy to work with.


That is exactly one of the major purposes of creating bot traffic. Google treats it as Spamdexing. It involves creating hundreds of links through comments. In fact, you should adopt a comment moderation to get rid of these bots as much as possible. The technique of spamming can be so much widespread that it can even force Google to blacklist your site. N extreme cases, your site may be completely removed from Search ranking.

How to Detect Bot traffic?

It may not be that easy finding the bot traffic if it has affected your site. In many cases, you will not get to know that you are affected until the situation has gone out of control. However, there are a few telltale signs that should be helpful for you.

If you have noticed any issues with your site performance, it can be an indication of the high degree of bot traffic. Slower loading speeds, frequent crashes and other performance issues can point to the presence of bot traffic.

One of the major issues with bots is that they steal content. If you tend to see the content of your site elsewhere, and that too quite frequently – that can stand a proof to the attack from bot traffic. The traffic coming from unknown regions in a huge number can also be an indication to prove the effect of bot traffic on your site.

Concluding Thoughts

That was all we have with respect to the Bot Traffic and the effects that it can have on your site performance and its productivity. Of course, it may not be much easy to get rid of bot traffic in its entirety, you can follow a few options to minimize the effect. Google Analytics can be one of the excellent tools that would help you achieve the task through a few simple steps.

Keep a keen eye on the performance of your site and ensure that you do not fall prey to the dubious-sounding bots. Take efficient care before it is too late and you face the penalization for no fault of yours.

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