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An Inside Look at Bumble BFF for Finding a New Best Friend

After Bumble’s CEO Whitney Wolfe launched the original dating app in 2014, more than approximately 19 million people use it worldwide. It became so popular because the design fosters greater respect between users. 

Bumble bans nude photos and only lets women make the first contact in heterosexual relationships. Now the revolutionary dating app has a new feature to help users find a new best friend when all you want is genuine, fun and platonic companionship.

What is the goal of the new “BFF” feature?

The Bumble “BFF” app, named after the popular acronym “best friends forever,” lets you make new friends everywhere you go. Both men and women can freely use the new BFF feature to expand their social circle, allowing users to find new, better buddies faster while avoiding a lot of socially awkward scenarios.

Why did Whitney Wolfe create Bumble BFF anyway?

Everyone’s been asking for it. CEO Whitney Wolfe saw on user statistics that lots of people were already using the original Bumble dating platform to try to find platonic friends. 

College graduates especially have trouble creating their own new support networks after moving to a new place to start their careers because they work a lot and don’t have much time or don’t know the best venues where they can meet people they’ll like. 

Bumble BFF App- Meet, Date & Network

Moving is stressful and makes anyone feel lonely, particularly when you’re redefining yourself in a new job. She wanted her app to help people find new friends faster when they need them the most, even if people are shy.

Whitney Wolfe also saw that the app world had a serious lack of good-quality, new-friend finders. She recognized that building a community of good friendships is just as important as getting a date, so she wanted to help her Bumble users build new platonic connections too.

social apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook only help you stay in touch with those you already know.

How does Bumble BFF work?

A major plus point for this app is that it’s totally free to use. You only have to pay if you want to subscribe to bonus features by signing up for Bumble Boost, which you can try out for as little as seven days to see if you like it. However, you don’t need to pay anything to find your new best friend with this service.

To start, either look up “Bumble BFF” in the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store and start your download. Please note that the BFF feature is a part of the original Bumble app, so for now, you’re just downloading the latest version of Bumble. The developers have hinted that in the future, Bumble BFF might become a separate app. As of the time of this writing though, Bumble and Bumble BFF are one and the same.

Once you’ve installed the Bumble app, then you’ll start setting up your profile with your favorite photos and add captions describing your personality and interests. Follow the links to enable Bumble to connect to your other social-media accounts like Facebook, which will help the app to better match you with other like-minded potential besties.

To make sure you have a better experience, you will have to verify your identity with a photo-verification test. Bumble shows you a photo of a pose they want you to do, and you take the appropriate selfie and send it back to them just so they can confirm that the photos you’re posting are actually photos of yourself and not someone else. This important feature weeds out inappropriate users from the community.

Next, go into your settings and enable BFF mode to find new friends.

If you already have the Bumble app that you’ve been using for online dating, then simply go to your respective app store and make sure you get the latest Bumble update. Then all you have to do is switch on the new BFF mode to find platonic friends.

Features of Bumble BFF App

Bumble is such a versatile platform that you can use it only in BFF mode, or you can switch back and forth between your online-dating mode and BFF mode. Your potential love interests and potential friend matches have separate color codes so that you don’t confuse them. Green conversations are your best friends, and yellow ones are for romantic interests.

Make sure to go into your Bumble settings and modify your searches so that you find friends where you want them. You can search for new friends in your immediate area, typically five miles or less from your current location, or you can tailor your search to new areas further away from you.

Bumble’s search algorithm analyzes your social-media profiles and your Bumble profile to put together a list of other Bumble users whom they think you’re most likely to become friends with. They’ll show you a regularly updated list of profile photos for you to “swipe through” on your quest for a new best friend. You’re likely to see profiles of people who have similar interests, work in related industries or are around your age.

If you find a profile of someone who looks interesting to you, save it by swiping right on their photo. If you don’t feel like you’re going to click well with someone, simply swipe left to remove that profile photo from your list.

Whenever two people both swipe right on each other’s profiles, then you make a connection. Bumble sends you a notification, and either one of you can start a conversation. However, if you don’t want to chat with your match, then the system automatically deletes it after 24 hours.


The Bumble messenger service is really easy to use, and it helps you figure out pretty quickly if your match is someone whom you’d like to meet in real life. If so, you can decide where you want to meet each other within your private chat and exchange contact info. Bumble does protect the privacy of its users very well by never displaying contact info of other users publicly on their website or in the app.

No one will have your contact details unless you give them yourself. If anyone harasses you in any way while using the app, then you can report it to Bumble immediately, and they will take quick action. Bumble absolutely does not tolerate any form of sexual harassment or inappropriate photos from any user.

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