Can You Promote Your Brand On The Cheap With Banners?

Fortunately, in today’s world, using banners as a form of promoting a brand is incredibly inexpensive. To prepare a sample for the printing service, create a mock-up using the intended color scheme, the font choice, and the size you believe will be appropriate for viewing from distances. 

Pedestrians are going to have a more exceptional ability to absorb the message than those driving. The text size needs to be at a level that is readable for vehicles to catch it quite quickly. The professional printing service will take the concept and create the banner in whatever material is suitable for your needs; most commonly, vinyl is used on the exterior of a company.

The process is fast, easy, and very low in cost. But is something so affordable genuinely going to be a valid advertising promotion for your brand? Check out some benefits of these advertising tools.

Is It Possible To Promote A Brand With Cheap Banners?

Banners deem cheap compared to other tools used in an effort to promote a brand. But are they too good to be true? Can you really save money and adequately market your company? It seems this tried-and-true technique is actually among the most beneficial methods for business owners to get the word out about their goods and services. Factors that make the signage stand out:

  • Text and color scheme: The most critical aspect of the sign is the content and what is said to the target group. The message needs to come across plainly without needing to be interpreted. 

Where you will place the banner is also going to affect what the banner says. If this is something that you will put in an area away from the business’s actual site, it will need to include the company name along with contact information and a catchy slogan that can be remembered. Those that are placed at the location won’t need the name or contact information, but using the logo is always a good idea.


Aside from the text, there should be graphics that consumers can then associate with the brand and vibrant colors relevant to the brand to catch their eyes.

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  • Storefront Displaying: Ideally, banners should go close to the location for optimum effectiveness with the display being outside the storefront. It would help if you researched the city and state laws to ensure there are no limitations concerning advertising signs in your area, whether it be sizing or how they are displayed.

If you aren’t able to hang them on the outside of the building, putting them on the inside of the front window is a close alternative. You don’t want consumers to grow tired of the images that you have to the point that they no longer pay attention to the banners. 

It would be best if you changed them out periodically during the course of the year with sales promotions or announcements regarding unique arrivals. 

  • Highly-traveled roads: Again, it’s a matter of checking with the zoning office on what is or isn’t allowed, but it’s beneficial to display banners in areas that are highly traveled, such as intersections.

When hanging a banner, they should be displayed using their own hardware, poles, and equipment instead of surrounding architecture. People will view them as they travel past, but in order to get a different demographic, the signs should be moved to various locations every few weeks.

Some companies make their signage much more personal by employing a staff member to engage with people who pass by. These members develop creative techniques, whether it be dancing, waving as people pass by, or merely having a casual conversation with the pedestrians strolling along. This adds an intimate approach to the advertising scheme and brings a greater sense of personality to the brand, most definitely making it visible and memorable.

  • Shows:  In staying with the personable approach, trade shows are an incredible opportunity to interact with the preferred demographic. When you are speaking with the consumers, you want to ensure you have a banner hanging either behind you in the booth, in front of you across the table of the exhibit, or in both places, so they can’t be missed. 

In some cases, customers decide they want to make a purchase right there and then, so it’s essential to have a convenient way to do so. A banner with a QR code makes the process simple and easy for the client, so they have no reason to hesitate or change their mind.

Regardless of your budget capabilities, every company is always looking for ways to save. Advertising and marketing are among the most considerable expenses for most businesses. It can prove challenging seeing a return on that investment, particularly if you need to invest in expert services to assist with design, setup, and implementation, as is often the case in technological capacities.

With the use of banners, the simplicity is so refreshing, appealing, and old-school, for which many consumers have an appreciation. Using a professional service like Printmoz isn’t always going to cost a fortune in order to benefit from the very best in resources.

Banners are genuinely cheap, but they are magnificently effective at promoting and having a brand recognized. They are the marketing community’s little hidden treasure. And they don’t seem to be fading from the scene any time soon.

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