Cell phone monitoring app from Hoverwatch

Today’s world is surrounded by several gadgets. almost everyone around has a smartphone. Keeping track of your smartphone when it is not in your person is not an easy task. If you are a responsible parent, you will definitely look forward to a means of being in the know of what your kids are doing with their smartphones.

If you are one of them, we have a good news for you. You can effectively spy on your kids’ smartphone usage with Hoverwatch cell phone monitoring app. Let us go into finer details with this app to make your life easier.

What is Hoverwatch Free Cell Phone Spy App?

The free phone tracking app from Hoverwatch is a perfect spy app for your Android device. Once set up, it stays connected to your device and helps you track all the activities being performed on your smartphone. You just need to create an online account to get the updates from the Hoverwatch service.

Cellphone monitoring App

The Hoverwatch cell phone monitoring app can record all the activities on the connected device. The app focusses mainly on Android operating system. Given the fact that a huge number of smartphone users across the globe opt for Android, this is indeed quite understandable.

Unprecedented use of smartphones has resulted in an increase of cyber crimes. As a parent, or even as an employer – you will definitely need a phone tracker app to have a clear understanding of what your kids or employees are doing with their smartphones. That is precisely where hoverwatch assumes an important role.

How does Hoverwatch spy app work?

What makes Hoverwatch a great choice as long as being a phone spy is concerned is its multiple platform compatibility. It works seamlessly across Android, Windows and Mac. It offers an easy to use interface and functionality.

You will need to create an account. Account creation will need your email ID and a password. Once you have created your account, download the application and start spying.

You will need to have a direct access to your target device. You can download and install the spy app on your target smartphone. Please note that your target device needs to have an active internet connection so that it can keep sending you the reports. The users of the target device will never come to know that such an app has been installed on their phone.

The application will keep working as a hidden app and that makes it a great option when it comes to spying. You can keep getting the activities on the target device being reported to your online account.

Here is a video tutorial on installation of Hoverwatch for Android

Some special Features

Hoverwatch is an excellent spy app for your tracking requirements. It comes with some special features that make it an ultimate choice. Some of the salient features that set it apart are

  • Silent and invisible functioning– Well, your targets – be it your children, or your employees – will never come to know that they are being spied on. They will never come to know that their activities are being tracked and sent to an online account in a continuous manner
  • Tracks All Calls and Messages – It can track all the calls and messages being sent or received on the target device. It can access even the deleted messages. Hoverwatch is able to monitor and record messages being sent and received on WhatsApp, Facebook messenger and other instant messengers. The spy app can also record the chats conducted through the incognito mode.
  • Tracking SIM replacement – There are times when the target changes SIM cards to remain untraceable. But Hoverwatch Spy app tracks the SIM card changes as well. You will get an alert each time the SIM card on the target device is changed or removed
  • Location tracking – The Hoverwatch spy app can record the exact location of your target device. This will prevent you employees from misreporting their location. You can configure Hoverwatch to provide periodic location updates.
  • Multiple devices with a single account – You can use your single Hoverwatch account to keep track of more than one device. As a standard user, your single account will let you monitor five different smartphones or other devices.
  • Work as spy camera – The application doubles up as a spy camera.You can view the snapshots in the reports section. The app takes a selfie shot of the person attempting to unlock your phone. And the best part with Hoverwatch is that it will not let your target know that they are being tracked.
  • Track internet access – Hoverwatch can also record the internet activity on the target device. You can get detailed information on the sites visited by your target. This can be a boon to keep your employees at bay from accessing social media networks during office hours. Your children can be saved from the bad effects of the harmful and obnoxious websites.

Pricing and Subscription

Well, the tool offers you different plans and you can opt for the plans that meet your requirements. The broader plans can be explained as here below

  • Personal Plans – The plan is available at $ 8.33 per month. You will be able to monitor one device with this plan if you opt for a twelve-month plan. The plans available under Personal category are charged at $ 19.95 for one month package, $ 49.95 for a three-month package and $ 99.95 for a 12-month package.
  • Family Plans – The Family plan will cost you $ 3.33 per month per device if opted for five devices for 12 months. The plans include $ 39.95 for one month, $ 99.95 for 3 months and $ 199.95 for a 12-month package. You can monitor up to five devices with the family plans.\
  • The application is available Android, Windows and Mac devices. The software has been installed by 12 Million users.

In conclusion

Hoverwatch can definitely be your one stop solution for the tracking needs. We would state that it is one of the best mobile phone spy application. Cheaper pricing and reliable functioning are what make it a great phone tracker app you can install on the smartphone of your target.

We would advise you to try the app to get yourself accustomed to the functionality that it offers you. It offers you a trial offer of three days.

Do share your opinions and views on the usability and features of this great phone spy app. We will be glad to check your feedback.

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