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CES 2018 : Everything Intel Announced in the event

The world’s largest electronics show CES ( Consumer Electronic Show ) 2018 has started and the brands are ready to show off their new technology & products. CES event will be from Jan 9 -12 in Las Vegas & almost close to 2 Lakh people are expected to visit this event to experience various technology.

Intel’s Show

Intel CEO Brian Krzanich started the Intel show in CES 2018 by addressing various problems/issues Intel is facing these days & also how Intel evolved from a PC centric company to a Data-centric company. Also how the industry is facing a common issue of meltdown & Spectre. Brain also promised to solve the 90% of issues within a week & the rest by end of January.

Volocopter Intel CES 2018

Krzanich also suggested that installing the updates as fast as possible is the best possible solution for such fixes. According to Intel, Data will redefine our life in work, home, sports & entertainment.

Volumetric Video Capture

This is one of the best parts of total Intel presentation, volumetric video capture which combines AI ( Artificial Intelligence ), Advance camera technology, millions of HD images which will help to reduce the differentiation between a reality & imagination.

Intel True VR is already using this volumetric video capture technology & also they are using this technology in sports industry which they believe will transform the way fans stream their favorite sports. True VR uses the 5K resolution camera’s which are installed on the field with each of this camera can cover the view from 180 to 360 degree. Because of these many numbers of cameras, they have divided the whole arena into numerous Voxels ( Voxel is a Pixel in 3D view which records everything in the scene adding depth to the content). These voxels will help the user to view the space in 3D from any angle or position.

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They have also demonstrated this with a video from National football league & how these voxels helped them in viewing the game from player’s perspective without placing any camera on their helmet or body. Also, they filmed a scene with the help of these volumetric video capture recreating this scene just by recording it once.

49 Qubit Quantum Chip

Mr. Brain started with the introduction of Quantum computing and then forwarded with Qubits ( which will have a value of either 1 or 0 ) & these Qubits will take over traditional bits. Then he introduced their 49 Qubit Quantum chip which will lead their ability to simulate.

49 Qubit Quantum Chip

Also launched an autonomous self-driving car which consists of minute cameras & almost invisible radar placed over the hood which looks like a normal car without any huge sensors over it for Self-driving.


Volocopter, also known as flying taxi made its debut in CES 2018, which can fly vertically up & down powered by numerous small propellers. This will run on batteries and extremely simple to fly quietly. After few months/ years, they announced to start providing autonomous taxi flights all around the world.

Intel shooting star mini

The new shooting star mini-drone which is the simplest drone powered by a powerful hardware & advanced software which is fully automated. One pilot is enough to carry out the operations of 100 drones at once.

They have also demonstrated this with a wonderful show of lights with mini-drones & ended the keynote.

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