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Choosing A Web Host – 5 Things to Consider

There are people simply hit Google, search for web hosting and then choose something out of the list when it comes to taking out a new web hosting plan. Then there are people who go to great lengths to find out anything and everything they can about the web hosting firm they’re intending to use.

It’s impossible to say which is the best approach as you can never fully get the entire picture. Some say it’s best to just go with your gut instinct and not other think it. Some say you should read as many reviews as possible before forming your decision. I guess it’s just a matter of preference.

5 Things to Consider Before buying Web Hosting

In this article, we’re going to run through some of the things you will typically need to consider before taking out a hosting plan.

Things to consider before buying web hosting

Some of it is obvious, some not so much but if you do consider all of the below you’ll stand a better chance of finding something that suits rather than just going with any old provider.

Price Points

Let’s be honest, pricing comes above anything else for most of us when it comes to choosing a web host. The price has to be right and often we go for the cheapest package out there without really considering what we’re actually getting for our money or how reputable the web hosting company truly is.

This is fine when it comes to shared hosting as you’re not going to notice much difference in performance between one host and the next. But if you’re looking for a higher end, the specific solution then you really need to consider things other than the price.


You’ll often find that each web hosting firm offers the same packages to the next one. With all hosts, you’ll see the regular shared hosting plans that are designed for single, low resource websites.

Then you’ll find reseller plans, virtual private servers, cloud solutions and if the company you’re researching has their own servers (as opposed to leasing them) you may find they offer dedicated server solutions also. Although with that said with the advent of cloud technology actual physical dedicated servers being used as such is quite rare as you can get a better performance by utilizing the cloud.


The reputation of the company you’re intending to use can be a huge factor. You should read as many reviews as possible of all of the web hosts you’re considering to form a picture before parting with your hard earned money.

We all know people like to complain and if there is something consistently wrong with the intended host you’ll quickly be able to spot it via the reviews.

Server Location

You should really be matching the physical location of your server to where most of your website visitors are from. You may choose to host with someone local to you so you can get support in a timely manner etc but this is wrong if you have an audience outside of your current geographical location.

Of course most of the time your visitors will be from the country you reside in so in this instance it’s probably best to use someone at least in the same country as you.


Believe it or not, the features that come with the hosting plans tend to be the least of the considerations. We buy hosting to host websites for the most part and features assigned to each package are neither here not there. Besides, most come with cPanel which is feature rich anyway.

The thing that makes choosing a host difficult is the sheer fact that there are literally so many companies to choose from and all of them seem to offer the same sort of packages and solution for a similar price. It’s a challenge to figure out who is really the best and which host would suit you and your website the best.


They say competition is a good thing in business and that a wide open market leads to better prices for you, the consumer. But, it doesn’t make the decision-making the process easier so it’s down to you to do your due diligence and make an educated and informed decision before deciding who to use.

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