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If you have no internet connection on your devices – whether smartphones, tablets or laptops, they would be dumbest ever device. That would perhaps explain why the ability to share an internet connection has been considered to be possibly the best option ever to be available on your devices. This will ensure that if one of your devices has an internet connection, you will be able to share it across multiple devices. 

Connectify has been one of the most prominent options in this realm. The tool has gone through quite a bit of revolution and has been able to achieve the best results. 

Why do you need a Connectify Alternative? 

Connectify has been an excellent tool for sharing the internet across devices. What makes you opt for the alternative? Well, the pricing is the prime feature here, and that would be what would make it important to opt for a Connectify alternative.

Of course, there is a Lite version available, but it comes with limited features. They have two paid options, and those have indeed been quite hefty – to say the least.

Best Connectify Alternatives in 2020

Having understood the reason for checking out the best Connectify alternatives, here is a list of our top picks for the best in terms of Connectify alternatives. We have intentionally added free alternatives. 


Baidu Hotspot

Baidu Hotspot is one of the best options for free connectivity alternatives. What makes it a great choice it is easy to use and offers a lot of advanced features for free. In fact, when you compare it to the complex set up procedure on Connectify, you will find it extremely practical and useful. 

The connectivity offered is faster enough, and we did not experience any sort of heavy drops in connections. In spite of being free software, it provides you access to a greater deal of security. The user interface is one of the huge plus points. You can even transfer files between the connected devices. 

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OSToto Hotspot 

The OSToto Hotspot lets you connect and share internet between devices in an easy to use interface. You just need to have a WiFi adapter enabled for using the tool. The internet sharing tool has been around for long and has been renamed to OSToto from its earlier name 160 WiFi. 

You can create your own WiFi Zone using the software. While it can help you share your internet connectivity between devices using the tool, it can also be a great option to share files between the connected devices. You can even block any of the users in case something goes wrong.

The Connectify alternative offers you all the essential features like multi-device connections, WPA2 encryption, and password support. 


With the lack of options available for Windows 7, Maryfi should be an excellent choice for a perfect Connectify alternative. Of course, it works on other versions of Windows as well. It doubles up as a perfect virtual router software and offers you an easy setup functionality. 

You can easily share the internet connections on your PCs, laptops and even on smartphones. It lets you share the internet connection no matter what the source is and this includes a cable modem, a cellular card, or even another WiFi network.

Yet another excellent option we found is that it can help you create a WiFi zone without the need for an active internet connection. This can be helpful enough in creating your own shared library of folders and documents. However, the tool is not supported on Windows 10. 


It is said that heaven has seven gates. SeventhGate WiFi hotspot is nothing less than heaven if you are struggling to get internet connectivity on one of your devices while the other has the connectivity available. You can effortlessly convert your computer into a WiFi router with ease. 

It makes use of the virtual mini port inside your computer to create a hotspot. Easy to use and completely ad-free, SeventhGate Virtual router can be a great choice for a perfect Connectify alternative. Once again, the compatibility is limited to Windows 7 and 8.

It works with Microsoft Public License, and that would make it yet another huge advantage. It works smoothly enough and does not create any issues.

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The WiFi hotspot would be an excellent choice not merely for personal use, but it can also double up as your preferred option for conferences, hotel rooms, and such other requirements. One of the older options for creating WiFi hotspots, it offers you tons of features. 

It can be used to create a firewall so that certain services can be restricted. This can help you share your internet and at the same time, save your bandwidth. It also helps you record and tracks the visited URL pages. The Connectify alternative supports Windows 7, 8 and 10.

It also lets you block the users if you suspect any issues or unsuitable usage. The only issue you may come across would be the legacy UI which may be a little challenging to navigate.

Lionscripts WiFi Hotspot

One of the simplest and easy to use options, Lionscripts WiFi hotspot comes with both free and paid options. The free version comes with ads, but the platform and interface are easy and straightforward to go with. It just takes a few clicks to set up your own WiFi zone with the tool.  

In fact, it can be the right choice if you do not want to have an7y extra features and want to establish an internet connection, Lionscripts WiFi Hotspot is a good alternative. The free version does not lack any functionality but comes with ads alone. It even runs well enough on Windows 10 in addition to Windows 7,8 and XP. 

Those were a few top-end options for the best Connectify alternatives. If you do not want to use the expensive Connectify WiFi hotspot services, the above options should work quite effectively for your requirements. Check them out and share your experiences with us.  

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