9 Crucial Considerations Before Creating A New E-Commerce Product

Launching a new product for your e-commerce business can be a lucrative and exciting time. Before you make the decision to create a new product, it is essential to do your homework. You should consider whether there is adequate demand for the product, ensure that you have prepared for its development and launch, and tested it thoroughly.  

While keeping an eye on the big picture is important, so too are the smaller details that can make all the difference to a successful launch. Every step should be carefully considered and evaluated to give yourself the best chance at success.  

Know Your Target Audience 

The first step when creating a new product is to ensure there is adequate demand for it. You should assess your competitors to see what level of success they have seen with similar products. If you believe you are the first to offer a product, ensure that there will be enough people interested in buying it.  

Solve A Problem 

When launching a new product, you should be aiming to solve a problem that your customers have. Consider who you are marketing your product to and why they will need it. While choosing a niche to fill can be an excellent way to find dedicated customers, be wary of offering a product that is too niche and may not sell well.  

Price Carefully 

Choosing the price for your new product can also be challenging. You need to get the right balance between making profits without pricing out your customers. It may help to assess how much your competitors charge for similar products. If your business offers luxury products, it is important not to price too low, which may also discourage consumers.  

Test Thoroughly 

You should ensure that your product is thoroughly and comprehensively tested for its release. Launching a defective product will not only cost you money, but it will also cost you in reputation. You should be entirely sure that your product will hold up well before allowing it for sale. Collect feedback from each round of testing and ensure that any issues, no matter how minor, are fully resolved.   

Develop A Product Backlog 

A product backlog is an excellent way to prioritise and organise your new product launch. It is an great way to get all of the elements of your new product in order and ensure it is made and delivered in good time. For a more thorough explanation, take a look at this guide to product backlog from Easy Agile, industry leaders in providing businesses with agile solutions to their needs.  

Create A Promotion And Marketing Strategy 

Without the right promotion and marketing, the news of your new product will not reach your audience. Therefore, it is crucial that you have your strategies worked out well in advance of the launch. You should ensure you have plenty of promotional materials, content, and a plan of where and how to advertise. It may help to get in touch with a professional marketing company to help you make all the right steps.  

Get The Timing Right 

It is a good idea to consider the timing of your product launch. Many products can be launched successfully year-round, but it is worth considering when the most optimal time may be. For instance, launching a new line of sandals would be better done in the spring and summer rather than winter. Take some time to consider when your customers will be using your new product and decide when the ideal time is to start promoting and eventually launching the product.  

Stay On Brand 

When launching any new product, it is essential to consider how it will fit into your brand. It is best to avoid launching any products that are too different from your core product list unless you are willing to launch an entire new range and branch out more thoroughly with your business. For instance, if you sell primarily hair care products, it would be best to avoid launching a new lipstick. You could instead consider launching a makeup line rather than a stand-alone product.  

You should also ensure that your branding is consistent with the rest of your products. The packaging should be fresh and new, yet with the same stylistic theme and colour scheme as the rest of your products and branding.  

Review Your Success 

Once you have launched your new product, you should carefully consider its success. It could help to review after the first day, week and quarter. You can use this time to assess what went well, what could be improved upon and whether there are any roadblocks ahead that you need to plan for. This time of contemplating the success of your launch can be invaluable to help you prepare for future launches and learn from your experience.  


It is vital to be prepared when launching a new product. Leave nothing to chance and ensure that your new item is what customers want, is working as well as possible and launched at the right time. The better prepared you are, the more chance you have of the launch is a success.

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