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Corning Gorilla Glass – Everything you need to know

Ever Wonder what’s the glass on the screen of your smartphone and what’s that made of ? Here is the answer to all your questions, the screen is made up of Corning Gorilla Glass. So, Here in this article, we will let you know everything about the strong & powerful Corning Gorilla Glass.

The screen is an essential component in any smartphone, especially the current breed of touchscreen devices. One of the significant developments that have happened over the years as long as the screen protection is concerned is the Corning’s Gorilla Glass. This post attempts to unearth a few unknown facts about this excellent piece of technology.

What is Corning Gorilla Glass?

Gorilla Glass is the solution that has been incorporated to address the issue of broken screens on your smartphone. The glass manufactured by Corning is stated to have the highest damage resistance. The term is an indicator of the capacity of material to retain its strength after it to a certain damage.

Corning Gorilla Glass has now become an industry standard when it comes to better screen protection. Though it has quite a good number of competitors, Gorilla Glass has found itself in over 1800 different models of devices, thereby amounting to over 4.5 billion devices as of now.

Corning Gorilla Glass – The past and the present

Well, the concept of using Gorilla Glass came around a few years ago. But, you would be surprised to know that Corning has a history of over 160 years! It was incorporated in 1851 It was the firm that made the glass for the bulb invented by Thomas Alva Edison. That should in itself speak of the rich heritage that Corning has as a backdrop.

The company has vivid interests in diverse fields of technology including Optical Communications, Display Technology, Specialty Materials, Life Sciences, and Environmental Technologies.

Corning has been into the manufacturing of a wide range of Glass products. Some of them include Missile Domes and Radomes, Telescope Mirrors and Lens Blanks, Corning® Gorilla® Glass for mobile phones, Iris Glass for large screen TVs, Glass for thinner displays for OLEDs and LCDs, Optical fiber for communications, glass for use in Genomics, Pharmaceutical Technologies, Bioprocessing, and Chemical processing, and ceramic substrates for emissions control.

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The predecessor to the current day Gorilla Glass had its beginning way back in 1960 when Corning came up with the idea of Chemically Strengthened Glass. The product was labeled ChemChor and was widely used in racing cars. In 2005, the company ventured into the development of making the glass as much thinner as possible so that it can centigrade’s in consumer electronics – a thinner, yet stronger glass.

That was the beginning of a new breed of glass and a new name The Gorilla Glass. The product for mobile devices went commercial in 2007. It improved the performance in comparison to the plastic glass and the toughened soda lime glass that were used prevalently at the time.

Corning Gorilla Glass

Then came Gorilla Glass 2 in 2012. It has a reduced thickness and improved damage resistance. The Gorilla Glass 2 offered a 25 percent increase in the damage resistance capacity. The year 2013 saw the launch of Gorilla Glass 3 that went ahead with performance standards to fight the scratches and damage.

The Gorilla Glass 3 had Native Damage Resistance. That meant improved resistance to scratch, lesser scratch visibility and strength retention after the scratch.Gorilla Glass 4 is now the current breed of screen protector that ensures the highest level of damage resistance.

It has been claimed to have 80 percent survival rate, which would mean the glass will survive the sharp drops 80 percent of the time. The next iteration, Gorilla Glass 5 has just made an appearance over the last couple of months.

How is the Gorilla Glass manufactured?

Corning uses its patent fusion technology to manufacture the world class glass. The technology employed ensures surface quality, an excellent optical clarity, and accurate dimensional stability.All the components are blended to make it a glass, which is then melted. This molten glass is made to go through a trough named isopipe.

The piece is rejoined at the ends and cut into a continuous sheet of flat glass. Any kind of human touch or a possibility of any other impurity affecting the glass is avoided so that no flaws are introduced over the surface.Now the individual glass partitions are cut and made to go through a process known as ion Exchange.

Herein, the glass undergoes a deeper chemical strengthening process. The Ion Exchange process involves introducing larger ions inside the glass surface. The glass is placed in a molten salt bath where is subjected to a temperature of around 400-degree centigrade.

The sodium ions from the glass leave the surface, while the potassium ions enter the surface of the glass. Once the glass cools down, these larger ions are compressed together therein by creating a surface that has more compressive strength.

What are the advantages of the Gorilla Glass?

Your screen is one of the precious possessions for you, and Gorilla Glass protects it. The major advantage that the durable screen protector offers you is the high-end damage resistance. The ion exchange process explained above ensures that the surface is easily prone to scratches and drops.

Another advantage is yet again associated with the care taken while manufacturing the Glass. The complete process avoids the human touch and thus there are no flaws introduced on the surface. The surface tends to be completely cleaner and smoother. You can be assured of an excellent and top class optical clarity on your screen.

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The extremely thin surface of the Gorilla Glass ensures that it remains sensitive to touch. The glass is supposed to cover the touch screens, and as such, it needs to be responsive and durable at the same time. And that is precisely what Gorilla Glass does.

In Conclusion

Gorilla Glass is indeed the best thing that has happened to the smartphone users. If your phone has a plastic screen, or for that matter a normal glass screen, you can use screen protectors and keep replacing them quite often. There is an extent to which they can handle scratches.

However, if there is an impact on your screen, your screen protector cannot help it. Corning Gorilla Glass is a blessing as it can handle the scratches and impacts in a better way. The company has been evolving in a regular manner with an improved design in each of its newer inventions.

What are your opinions about the world’s toughest glass? Do share your views with us through comments below.

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